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11-08-2012, 02:58 PM
For the 5th year in a row.... the Show & Tell Contest is back!

Show & Tell 5.0


We all have cards that we are particularly proud of, and some of us are into the habit of sharing them in the show and tell forum. Now here's your chance to show them off AND win something for it!


1. Every week, entrants will be asked to showcase one of their cards following a pre selected theme.
2. There will be a new thread every week which will be created by me (aweeks) in the Show & Tell Forum. My thread will state the theme for the week and the deadline for submission.
3. Each submission must be made by a post in the thread, displaying both the card and the user ID. The picture/scan must show your handwritten user ID next to the card, this is to avoid anyone just picking any picture on eBay and saying the card is theirs.
4. Only one submission per member per week will be allowed (unless noted).
5. A card can only be entered into 1 weekly contest. Therefore, you cannot submit the same card as best autographed card and 2 weeks later as best autographed memorabilia card. Choose when to submit the card wisely!
6. After the deadline for entry has passed, a new thread will be created asking all members to vote on which card is the best card of this theme. They can consider any of the card’s characteristics when placing their vote: the condition of the card, the beauty or the patch/swatch, the value of the card, the print run etc…
7. SCF staff are not permitted to enter this contest.
8. To avoid any problems, if you edit a post which you have made to submit an entry, you will be disqualified for that week. No exceptions!

In the event of a tie, on the very last vote of the contest, whoever (of the tied members) has the most votes will win.

How Points Will Be Awarded

In each voting week, whoever has the most votes will receive 2 points in the Show & Tell standings. Second in voting will receive 1 point in the standings.

Now on to the fun stuff:

The winner of each week’s contest will be awarded 25 CC and over the life of the contest, standings will be kept. At the end of the 30 weeks, we will reward the top member with the most points with this:

2010-11 Panini Dominion Eight Is Enough #3 Antti Niemi / Jaroslav Halak / Jonas Hiller / Jonathan Quick / Miikka Kiprusoff / Pekka Rinne / Roberto Luongo / Steve Mason Jerseys (16/25)

Second-place prize: 2,600CC!

How this Contest Affects the Jaunt for the Jersey:

First place - 5 Points
Second place - 4 Points
Third place - 3 Points
Fourth place - 2 Points
Fifth place - 1 Point


Week 1: Best autographed card (single player, auto only. No memorabilia)
Week 2: Best patch card (single player, single patch)
Week 3: Best 'Panini' card
Week 4: Best retired/HOF card (any type)
Week 5: Best autographed memorabilia card (single player)
Week 6: Best short printed card (all cards numbered to 25 and under admissible)
Week 7: Best plexiglass/acetate card (i.e. Glacial Graphs, Clear Cut Winners, etc)
Week 8: Best autographed card (multi-player, multi-auto)
Week 9: Best insert card
Week 10: Best Glove card
Week 11: Best Rookie card (any "true" rookie card)
Week 12: Best memorabilia item (non card)
Week 13: Best vintage card
Week 14: Best patch card (multi-player)
Week 15: Best defenseman card (any card)
Week 16: Best Goalie card (any type card)
Week 17: Best original 6 card (any type of card from Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, NY Rangers and Bruins)
Week 18: Best complete set
Week 19: Best Calder Winning player card (any card of a player who has won the Calder trophy in his career)
Week 20: Best jersey card (multi-player)
Week 21: Best Hart Vezina winner card
Week 22: Best jersey swatch (single player, multiple OR single jersey swatch)
Week 23: Best 'In the Game' card
Week 24: Best 'The Cup' card
Week 25: Best Certified card
Week 26: Best 1/1 card
Week 27: Best Caption card
Week 28: Best 'family' card (brothers, father/son, etc)
Week 29: Best Stick card
Week 30: Best card with a story (Pick a card that has the best story of how you acquired it)

Sidenote: Each year, we would like to give different members an opportunity to win this contest. If you've won a theme with a card last year, we ask that out of fairness you don't enter the same card in this years Show & Tell. We won't be enforcing this rule, but the honour system would be nice... and it gives everyone a chance to see some cards they've never seen before.

This contest will begin Sunday, November 11th, 2012
There will be a new thread created in the Show & Tell section.

Good luck to everyone!


cujofan2000 - 22 points
sedinfan - 15 points
Bimola - 13 points
87sluggo - 11 points
dam1057 - 4 points
313datsyuk313 - 4 points
MikeFitzpatrick - 4 points
MaskPatch - 2 points
plindbergh31 - 2 points
cool-vintage - 2 points
Uhtred.the.viking - 1 point
JamesGang1 - 1 point
scottkoz20 - 1 point
fleemur12 - 1 point
Fleury14 - 1 point
royfan - 1 point
mralex69 - 1 point
kariyakid - 1 point
Dark Crawler88 - 1 point
nyiforce - 1 point

11-08-2012, 03:05 PM
I was hoping this would be back!