View Full Version : Murder Suspect Asks For Quick Conviction To Watch Monday Night Football

11-26-2012, 09:58 PM

A double murder defendant has told a Martinez jury to convict him quickly so he can see “Monday Night Football” at the jailhouse.

49-year-old Nathan Burris used a shotgun to kill his ex-girlfriend and her male friend at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza in August 2009.

Burris, who is representing himself in the Contra Costa County Superior Court trial, snapped his fingers on Monday and told jurors he’s guilty.

He said he has no remorse and no regrets. He asked them to convict him quickly so he can watch football on TV.

11-26-2012, 11:01 PM
and we pay so he can watch it

11-27-2012, 09:44 AM
At least he's honest. Give him what he wants and throw the book at him.

11-27-2012, 10:42 AM
I wonder what Monday Night game it was.

11-27-2012, 11:02 AM

Nothing else really needs to be said, in my opinion, the face palm says it all.

11-27-2012, 12:05 PM
If he was interested in this being done quickly why not plead out ?

why go to any trial ?

A direct question to Jay
So you are a firm believer in anyone who is serving time in jail/prison is a salve and thus be treated as such

11-27-2012, 05:07 PM
any murderer, rapist, molester, the rest need reformed, these others need to die ASAP

and I cannot believe anyone is ok with this guy going to watch TV, he murdered two people!!!!!!!!!!!