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01-13-2013, 02:33 PM
Hi, I’m looking to buy some football cards for card cash. No need to make a list. Check what I’m paying for the players below:

-Cards must be in NRMT-MT condition
-No checklist cards (cards that show a specific player but also has a checklist on the card)
-Must be from a licensed manufacturer
-Multiple cards of the same player are fine, and I accept inserts, as well.
-Any questions, please PM me. Thanks!

A.J. Green 4 cc each
Aaron Hernandez 3 cc each
Aaron Rodgers 5 cc each
Adrian Peterson 15 cc each
Aldon Smith 3 cc each
Andre Johnson 4 cc each
Andrew Luck 12 cc each
Andy Dalton 5 cc each
Antonio Brown 4 cc each
Arian Foster 4 cc each
Beanie Wells 3 cc each
Ben Roethlisberger 6 cc each
Ben Tate 3 cc each
Benjarvus Green-Ellis 3 cc each
Blaine Gabbert 4 cc each
Bob Sanders 4 cc each
Brandon Marshall 3 cc each
Brandon Weeden 5 cc each
Brett Favre 10 cc each
C.J. Spiller 5 cc each
Cam Newton 5 cc each
Calvin Johnson 4 cc each
Carson Palmer 3 cc each
Chris Johnson 6 cc each
Christian Ponder 5 cc each
Dallas Clark 3 cc each
Darren McFaddin 3 cc each
Darrius Heyward-Bey 3cc each
DeMarco Murray 3 cc each
Dennis Pitta 3 cc each
DeSean Jackson 6 cc each
Dexter McCluster 3 cc each
Dez Bryant (Cowboys) 4 cc each
Donald Brown 3 cc each
Donovan McNabb 4 cc each
Doug Martin 4 cc each
Drew Brees 6 cc each
Dwayne Bowe 3 cc each
Eli Manning 4 cc each
Evan Royster 3 cc each
Felix Jones 4 cc each
Frank Gore 4 cc each
Fred Jackson 3 cc each
Greg Jennings 3 cc each
Hakeem Nicks 4 cc each
Jake Locker 4 cc each
Jamaal Charles 4 cc each
James Harrison 5 cc each
Jay Cutler 4 cc each
Jeremy Maclin 4 cc each
Jerome Bettis 4 cc each
Jahvid Best 5 cc each
Jermichael Finley 3 cc each
Jimmy Clausen 3 cc each
Jimmy Graham 4 cc each
Joe Flacco 5 cc each
Jonathan Stewart 3 cc each
Jordan Shipley 4 cc each
Jordy Nelson 3 cc each
Joseph Addai 3 cc each
Josh Freeman 5 cc each
Julio Jones 5 cc each
Kevin Kolb 4 cc each
Knowshon Moreno 3 cc each
Kyle Rudolph 3 cc each
LaDanian Tomlinson 4 cc each
Larry Fitzgerald 5 cc each
LeGarrette Blount 3 cc each
LeSean McCoy 5 cc each
Mark Ingram 8 cc each
Mark Sanchez 5 cc each
Marques Colston 4 cc each
Marshawn Lynch 3 cc each
Matt Forte 4 cc each
Matt Ryan 6 cc each
Matt Schaub 3 cc each
Matthew Stafford 5 cc each
Maurice Jones-Drew 4 cc each
Michael Crabtree 3 cc each
Michael Turner 5 cc each
Mike Wallace 4 cc each
Ndamukong Suh 4 cc each
Patrick Peterson 3 cc each
Percy Harvin 5 cc each
Peyton Manning 10 cc each
Philip Rivers 5 cc each
Pierre Garcon 3 cc each
Randy Moss 5 cc each
Rashard Mendenhall 5 cc each
Ray Rice 4 cc each
Reggie Bush 4 cc each
Rob Gronkowski 4 cc each
Robert Griffin 12 cc each
Roddy White 3 cc each
Ronnie Brown 4 cc each
Russell Wilson 10 cc each
Ryan Grant 3 cc each
Ryan Mallett 4 cc each
Ryan Mathews 4 cc each
Ryan Tannehill 6 cc each
Sam Bradford 6 cc each
Santonio Holmes 3 cc each
Shonn Greene 4 cc each
Stevan Ridley 3 cc each
Stevie Johnson 3 cc each
Steve Slaton 2 cc each
Steven Jackson 4 cc each
Terrell Owens 3 cc each
Tim Tebow 6 cc each
Tom Brady 9 cc each
Torrey Smith 3 cc each
Tony Romo 5 cc each
Trent Richardson 6 cc each
Troy Polamalu 5 cc each
Vernon Davis 3 cc each
Victor Cruz 4 cc each
Von Miller 3 cc each
Wes Welker 3cc each
Willie Parker 2 cc each
Willis McGahee 2 cc each

I can use the following if they book for at least .75 each (newer/tribute cards are accepted):

Barry Sanders 6 cc each
Dan Marino 6 cc each
Emmitt Smith 6 cc each
Jerry Rice 6 cc each
John Elway 6 cc each
Randy Moss 6 cc each
Eric Dickerson 5 cc each
Franco Harris 6 cc each
Gale Sayers 6 cc each
Joe Montana 6 cc each
Joe Namath 5 cc each
Joe Theismann 4 cc each
Johnny Unitas 5 cc each
Lawrence Taylor 5 cc each
Roger Staubach 6 cc each
Terry Bradshaw 6 cc each
Tony Dorsett 5 cc each
Troy Aikman 6 cc each
Walter Payton 6 cc each
Y.A. Tittle 6 cc each

I'm also buying:

-Any pro game-used or autographed card 100cc each
-Any draft/minor league game-used or autographed card 30cc each
-Any serial #'d card 6 cc each
-Any card graded by PSA or Beckett (BGS ONLY - NO BCCG) 150cc
-Any card graded by BCCG, GAI, USA, SGC, etc. 75cc

Also, I’m paying 400cc each for GAME-USED cards of the following players (if you have autos of any of these players, PM me your asking price):

A.J. Green
Aaron Rodgers
Adrian Peterson
Andre Johnson
Andrew Luck
Andy Dalton
Antonio Brown
Arian Foster
Ben Roethlisberger
Bob Sanders
Brandon Weeden
Brett Favre
C.J. Spiller
Cam Newton
Calvin Johnson
Chris Johnson
Christian Ponder
Dez Bryant (Cowboys)
Drew Brees
Eli Manning
Jake Locker
Jamaal Charles
James Harrison
Jerome Bettis
Jimmy Graham
Joe Flacco
LaDanian Tomlinson
Larry Fitzgerald
LeSean McCoy
Mark Ingram
Matt Forte
Matt Ryan
Matthew Stafford
Maurice Jones-Drew
Peyton Manning
Philip Rivers
Randy Moss
Ray Rice
Reggie Bush
Rob Gronkowski
Robert Griffin
Russell Wilson
Ryan Tannehill
Sam Bradford
Tim Tebow
Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Trent Richardson
Troy Polamalu
Victor Cruz
Any HOF Player

I will pay 300cc each for GAME-USED of the following players (if you have autos of any of these players, PM me your asking price):

Aaron Hernandez
Aldon Smith
Beanie Wells
Benjarvus Green-Ellis
Blaine Gabbert
Brandon Marshall
Dallas Clark
Darren McFaddin
DeMarco Murray
Dennis Pitta
DeSean Jackson
Donald Brown
Donovan McNabb
Doug Martin
Dwayne Bowe
Evan Royster
Frank Gore
Fred Jackson
Greg Jennings
Hakeem Nicks
Jay Cutler
Jeremy Maclin
Jahvid Best
Jermichael Finley
Jordan Shipley
Jordy Nelson
Joseph Addai
Josh Freeman
Julio Jones
Kevin Kolb
Knowshon Moreno
Kyle Rudolph
LeGarrette Blount
Mark Sanchez
Marques Colston
Marshawn Lynch
Matt Schaub
Michael Crabtree
Michael Turner
Mike Wallace
Ndamukong Suh
Percy Harvin
Rashard Mendenhall
Roddy White
Ronnie Brown
Ryan Grant
Ryan Mallett
Ryan Mathews
Santonio Holmes
Shonn Greene
Stevan Ridley
Stevie Johnson
Steven Jackson
Terrell Owens
Torrey Smith
Vernon Davis
Von Miller
Wes Welker
Willie Parker
Willis McGahee

*I'm also buying cards of certain players in other sports - baseball, football and hockey. Here are the links to my buy pages for those sports:

baseball: http://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/1857475
basketball: http://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/1857476
hockey: http://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/1857479
racing: http://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/1857480

01-23-2013, 04:01 PM
Does Sage Hit count?

01-23-2013, 08:38 PM
Hi, yes.

01-23-2013, 09:56 PM
i see you dont want a list are we operating on the honors system? im putting together a nice lot for you. i can get a list by player if you need. lmk how much you want it can be between 100 and 1k its up to you

01-23-2013, 10:24 PM
Hi, yes - just let me know what you have for each player, quantity-wise.

I have lots of card cash to spend, so the more cards you have, the better.

01-23-2013, 10:47 PM
ok- cool. I am finishing putting up some cards for you in football and baseball. I will PM you a final tally and the names/# of cards. Thanks - Craig

01-24-2013, 01:39 AM
Many thanks. I appreciate it.