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06-16-2013, 05:01 PM
Here is my want list and trade list. . Will trade in your favor for Dr Who autographs.
Cards bolded are my top priorty. Some of the cards on the list are pc cards.

Will looking at buckets if you dont have anything on my want list.

Looking for autographs of all main cast on TNG, DS9 and Voyager

Here is some of my costume trek wants

Star Trek 40th costume cards

C12 Seven of Nine (silver/green) [Tsunkatse]
C18 T'Pol (red outfit)
C25 Seven of Nine (red costume; photo: facing right)
C32 Captain Solok [Take Me Out to the Holosuite]
C34 Seven of Nine (blue costume)
C35 T'Pol (orange outfit)
C37 Commander Charles Tucker C43 T'Pol (green ribbed)
C44 Commander Charles Tucker

DS9 Quotable Costume cards

C4 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
C8 Lt. Ezri Dax
C22 Grand Nagus Zek

TNG Quotable cotumes

C2 Lt. Commander Data gold
C7 Lieutenant Worf gold
C9 Ensign Wesley Crusher red material

Women of Star Trek
WCC1 Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway
WCC2 Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway
WCC3 Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway
WCC4 Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
WCC5 Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
WCC7 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
WCC10 Jolene Blaylock as
WCC14 Nicole de Boer as Ezri Dax
WCC15 Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
WCC17 Jennifer Lien as Kes
WCC19 Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher [medieval dress]
WCC21 Kathryn Janeway [facing R, black uniform top]
WCC22 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine [silver outfit]
WCC23 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine [hot pink shirt]

Doctor Who - The Definitive Collection - Series One

Autographed Cards (1:18 packs)

A1 Tom Baker as Fourth Doctor
A2 Peter Davison as Fifth Doctor
A3 Colin Baker as Sixth Doctor
A5 Paul McGann as Eighth Doctor
A12 Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
A13 Sarah Sutton as Nyssa
A14 Nicola Bryant as Peri
A15 Sophie Aldred as Ace

Doctor Who - The Definitive Collection - Series Two
Autograph Cards

AU1 Lalla Ward - Romana
AU2 Tom Baker - The Fourth Doctor
AU3 Stuart Myers - A Cybermen
AU4 Nicholas Courtney -
AU8 Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
AU9 John Leeson - The Voice of K-9
AU10 Mark Strickson - Turlough
AU13 Anthony Ainley - The Master

Doctor Who The Definitive Collection - Series Three
Autograph Cards
AU1 Colin Baker as The Sixth Doctor
AU2 Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor
AU3 Matthew Waterhouse as Adric
AU4 Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates
AU6 Peter Purves as Steven Taylor
AU8 Paul Darrow as Maylin Tekker
AU9 Mark Eden as Marco Polo
AU11 Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman
AU15 Kate O'Mara as The Rani
AU17 Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka
AU20 Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor
AU21 Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene

Doctor Who 1963-2003: 40th Anniversary
Autograph Cards

WA1 Eric Roberts as The Master
WA3 Paul McGann as The Eighth Doctor
WA15 Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
WA17 Richard Briers as Chief Caretaker
WA18 Burt Kwouk as Lin Futu

Doctor Who Companions-Doctors-Villains (Trilogy)
Autograph Cards

DWT-A1 Peter Davison - The Fifth Doctor
DWT-A2 Lalla Ward - Romana II
DWT-A3 Louise Jameson - Leela
DWT-A4 Nicola Bryant - Peri Brown
DWT-A5 Caroline John - Liz Shaw
DWT-A6 Nicholas Courtney - Bret Vyon
DWT-A7 Terrance Dicks - Writer/Script-Editor
DWT-A8 Julian Glover - King Richard
DWT-A9 Michael Elwyn - Lt Algernon ffinch
DWT-A10 Zenia Merton - Ping-Cho
DWT-A13 Alexi Sayle - DJ in Revelation of the Daleks
DWT-A14 David Troughton - King Peladon in The Curse of Peladon
DWT-A15 Walter Howarth - Illustrator - Annual Covers
DWT-A16 Terry Molloy - Davros

Doctor Who Series Two Cornerstone - 1995
Autograph Cards
-- Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor

Doctor Who Series 3 Cornerstone - 1995
Autographed Cards
-- Michael Craze as Ben

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

A-2 Linda Cardellini as Velma

PW-9 Jacket worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne
PW-11 T-shirt worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne

Supernatural: Season One or two
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester auto
Looking for costume cards from any of the sets as well

Trade List

Firefly: The Complete Collection
Autograph Cards

A-1 Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds
A-2 Gina Torres as Zoe Washburne
A-3 Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra
A-4 Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb
A-5 Jewel Staite as Kaylee Frye
A-6 Sean Maher as Dr. Simon Tam
A-7 Ron Glass as Shepherd Meria Book
A-11 Jonathan M. Woodward as Tracey

A4 Alan Tudyk as Wash
A10 Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
A-AW Amelia Warner as Maggie Barnes
A-EE Edmund Entin as Robin Stanton
A-GE Gary Entin as Paul Stanton
A-EL Emma Lockhart as Gwen Stanton
A-FC Frances Conroy as Miss Greythorne
A-WC Wendy Crewson as Mary Stanton

Pieceworks Cards

PW1 Sweater worn by Alexander Ludwig as Will Stanton
PW2 Cloak worn by Christopher Eccleston as The Rider
PW3 Jacket worn by Gregory Smith as Max Stanton
PW4 Scarf worn by Amelia Warner as Maggie Barnes
PW5 Jacket worn by Frances Conroy as Miss Greythorne
PW6 Scarf worn by Jonathan Jackson as The Walker

Resident Evil Artbox - JPP/Amada - 1998
Autographed Card (case bonus)

SP1 Jim Lee auto a very super rare card

The Family Guy - Season One

A3 Erik Estrada / The Friendly Officer
A5 Lori Alan / Voice of Dianne Simmons
A6 Wally Wingert / Voice of Pawtucket Patriot
Family Guy - Season Two
A9 Michael McKean as Voice of Pawtucket Pat
A10 Faith Ford as Voice of Quirky
A12 Wally Wingert as Voice of Barnaby

Hellboy SOS

I have sketchs of all the artist
Plus tons of others Just let me know what artist or charcter.

Hellboy the movie

A2 Doug Jones as Abe Sapien
A3 Karel Roden as Grigori Rasputin

Charmed Destiny autos
Martnette Patterson as Christy
Brandon Quinn as Agent Murphy
Jennifre Rhodes as Penny

Charmed Conversations
Zack Ward as Sirk

Charmed: The Power of Three
A9 Julian McMahon - Cole Turner

Andromeda Regin of Common Wealth
Kevin Sorbo as Catain Hunt auto

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
C10 Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn

Harry Potter Deathly Hollows autos
John Hurt

Iron Man
Yinsen Vest Costume

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark ,IMC9
Jim Rhodes IMC10

Star Trek Movies, Complete
A21 Leon Russom as Starfleet Commander-in-Chief

Star Trek TNG, Complete Series 1 and 2 autos
W. Morgan Sheppard
Peter Mark Richman
Sam Hennings
Judson Scott
Brenda Bakke
John Putch
Scott Thompson
Suzie Plakson
Nehemiah Persoff
Mark Margolis
Michael Berryman
Jane Daly
Biff Yeager case topper
Whitney Rydbeck
Bruce French
Mark La Mura
Ben Lemon
Lance Legault
Julia Nickson
Clayton Rohner
Jeff Mccarthy
Dana Sparks
Alan Sherman
Amanda Mcbroom

Star Trek TNG, Complete Series 2
Matt Frewer as Berlinghoff Rasmussen auto

Star Trek Tos
Marc Adams as Hamlet

Star Trek Enterprise
Julia Rose as Mckenzie
Sean Mcgowan as Hawkins

Star Voyager
Judson Scott as Rekar

Twilight Zone

Don Durant as Gregory Walker
Ben Cooper as dauger Variant signed cheers with his name

Stargate Atlantis
Dawn Olivieri as Neeva
Richard Kind as Lucius Lavin

Stargate SG1
John Noble as Meurik
John Billingsley as Simon Coombs

Donruss Americana cards

Jill Michele Melean auto/costume
Cinema Star Directors cut Terry Moore auto
Daniel Baldwin auto/costume
Ty Hardin auto/costume
Ray Park red auto
Johnny Young Bosch auto black
Stephen Baldwin red auto
directors cut Milo Ventimgila inscrbed Gimore Girls black auto
Daniel Logan Red auto
Noah Grey Cabey auto/costume black ink

Single costumes
David Carrdine plaid
Jimmy Stewart either black or grey not sure
Orson Wells black
Co stars Shatner/ Montalban 16/100 csm-14

Double costumes
Bogart/Hepburn black /white

Heroes RA Autos
Francis Capra as Jesse
Cristine Rose as Angela
Nicholas D Agosto as West Rosen
Ernie Hudson as Captain Lubbock

Heroes Topps

Hiro black with white stripe

Star Trek, Women of
Sherry Jackson as Andrea
Antoinette Bower as Sylvia
Denise Crosby as Lt. Tasha Yar

Thor Movie 2011
F8 Fandral Black
F11 Odin (gold)

Sleepy Hollow
Casper Van Dien auto raor sealed he added .NET under his name on the card title

The 4400 autos

Brooke Nevin as Nikki

Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella
Kaj erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell

Veronica Mars auto
Kristen Ritter as Gia
Percy Daggs as Wallace

Jericho autos
Brad Beyer as Stanley
Soshannah Stern as Bonnie

The Outer Limits autos
Willam Sadler
Beau Bridges
Burt Young

Journey to the center of the earth

PW6 Headband worn by Anita Briem as Hannah

Indy Jones Kingdom of the crystal Skull
David Koepp

Meshach Peters as Kevin Blake
Tesla school warm ups variant has a logo piece

Peggy Lipton as Olivia Reed
Kevin Weisman as Marshall Franklin

Pw6 Isabella blouse
Pw7 Victor Garbers Sweater

A6 James Horan as Grayson
A8 Tom McBeath as Coleman
A9 Marcia Strassman as Betsy Fields
A17 Matt Walker as Ian MacLeod
A20 Alan Scarfe as Craig Webster

Smallville autos
Neil Flynn as Pete Dinsmore
James Marsters as Brainiac

Smallville new set
Dean Cain as Dr Knox costume card apron
Clark Kent red leathe jacket

Leaf autographs
Julian Sands
Adrian Pasdar sci fi sig

Razor auto
John Rhys Davies/Jeffery Tambor co stars 5/25

Brian Henson auto
Pav zotoh zhan costume card C10 blue

Witchblade the series
Gabriel Bowman as Hensley

Withcblade Disciples of the blade
Jae Lee auto 557-1000
Dan Parsons 881/1000
Jd Smith 225/1000
Matt Bush 204/1000

Marvel Masterpiece
costume cards

The Thing black
The Torch black

Star Trek Enterprise
Talas C11
Degra C9

Star Trek the movie
Male Cadet red

Star Trek DS9 Quatbale costume

C9 Sisko shirt
C20 Promenade banner

Star Trek 40th
Major Kira Nerys C24 costume

Topps American pie
Don Mclean relic black
Louie Anderson relic pink
Carrot Top white
Dean Cain autograph blue ink

Battle of the planets
Wilson Tortosa auto
Angel Medina auto 245/1000

258 west auto card size
Nelsan Ellis auto back with silver ink 58/100
Mary Pat Gleason 23/100 white with black ink
Matt Keeslar white with black ink 99/160
William Sanderson black with silver ink no numbering

Kick A**
Deborah Twiss auto 72/100 silver ink

Big Bang Theory season 1
Brian George auto
Alice Amter auto

Dead Zone
Adam Beach auto
Frank Whaley auto

Army of Darkness
Richard Grove 511/525 purple ink

Panini Century collection Hollywood materials
Jimmy Stewart/Grace Kelly grey/blue with stripe 11/250
Cary Grant/Jimmy stewart Black/grey
Audrey Hepburn/Bogart black and white stripes/black and white dot pattern

Kate Erickson costume

Ghost Whisper
David Conrad as jim blue emt costume

Battlestar the orignal
Sarah Rush auto

The Spirit
Spirit costume card black pw1

Upper Deck piece of Hollywood
Austin Powers blue pants swatch

Warehouse 13
Niall Matter auto
Joe Morton auto
Mark Shepard auto

Kevin Mcnulty as Rev Grange

Mark Steven Johnson auto
Daredevil cosutm with stich

James Bond
James ski suit from world is not enough

Marvel auto MCC98
Dan Jurgens auto thor card
Joe Bennet auto

Planet of the Apes
Tim Roth as Thade auto

Alan Dale as Charles Widmore auto

Dr Who Def series 2
Ray Cusick Dalek autograph Designer Man that came up with the look of the dalek and he recently passed away

DC Comics case toppers
Jerry Robinson auto
Murphy Anderson auto

Scooby Doo M and M
Shaggy Sketch Dan Fraga Sk4 37/277

Land of Frost Avengers Promo card

Can provide pics of any of the cards just ask