View Full Version : WTTF: sport or non-sport celebrities

07-14-2013, 01:53 AM
I am looking to add some celebrities to my private collection. I am not looking for any celebrities in particular. However, I am only interested in official pack certified autograph and/or memorabilia trading cards. I have not updated my photobucket, but I can provide a trade list.

However, I am looking for the following:

(2007 Donruss Americana)
-Cinema Stars Material #4 Carrie Fisher shirt /250
-Cinema Stars Material #27 Barbara Eden shirt /195
-Co-Stars Material #8 Ed O'Neill shirt / Katie Sagal blouse /100
-Hollywood Legends Material #16 Marilyn Monroe skirt /250
-Hollywood Legends Material Silver Screen #16 Marilyn Monroe skirt /100
-Stars Material #86 Katie Sagal blouse /250
-Stars Material #87 Ed O'Neill shirt /250
-Stars Signature Material #9 Barbara Eden shirt /100
-Stars Signature Material #86 Katie Sagal blouse /100
-Stars Signature Material #87 Ed O'Neill shirt /100

(2008 Donruss Americana II)
-Co-Stars Material #16 Marilyn Monroe / Tony Curtis /250
-Co-Stars Material #16 Silver Screen Marilyn Monroe / Tony Curtis /100
-Hollywood Legends Material #41 John Wayne /500
-Hollywood Legends Material #56 Judy Garland /500
-Hollywood Legends Material #64 Redd Foxx /500
-Hollywood Legends Material Silver Screen #41 John Wayne /100
-Hollywood Legends Material Retail #56 Judy Garland /250

-Robert Lewis