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09-09-2013, 02:19 AM
Through the eyes of a sports fan
I grew up a basketball fan, love the sport, it was also a great time to be a fan of the game. With players like Magic, Bird, Robinson, Barkley, and the greatest of all time Michael Jordan. Over the years basketball has really changed, not just for the game but for the fans as well. The only time I got to see all the great players of the game was when it was the all-star game or the 1992 Olympics that was a great year! Now day’s fans can see all the great players almost everygame, with the leagues “Super Teams”. Basketball just isn’t the same. Back then every team had a superstar on the floor, players were loyal and as well asfans. I have been a Phoenix Suns since the first time I saw the game being played. Now with the 2013 season drawing near I can’t even name the starting five, (I don’t even think coaches can do that right now). The league can improve by stopping the making of these super teams. If your team is not in the “BigMarket City” you basically don’t have a chance. With a rule like that I think players will become more loyal to the teams and well as some fans out there.
Beingin the Hall Of Fame is a wonderful accomplishment if you are basketball player,and the 90’s in the NBA were filled with them, but yet so many are not in the Hall Of Fame, Players like Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway,Maurice Cheeks just to name of few. These players made up basketball in the 80’s and 90’s. But yet every year it seems great players likeDanny Manning or Bill Laimbeer don’t get in. I think the NBA should really takea good look into all the great players and really take into consideration what these players did for the great game of basketball.
Pro sports have really changed over the years with the increase of tickets prices,food and beverages at games. The price of players’ jerseys and the fact that they don’t just have home and away jerseys don’t help. Now they have on-felid,blackout, Elite, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day jerseys available and there not cheap! The plain basic version will set you back 100 dollars. Packs of cards were around 99 cents in 1990. 2013 you can buy a pack of 4 Topps Five Star cards for around 500 dollars. Times are a lot harder now and with players wanting a bigger contract then the rest of the league, it does not help the fanout one bit! Very few players are there for the fans now days, Some don’t sign autographs, most get a paper cut and want to sit out the next game, To get paid for what you love doing is the best thing, but I think players forgot what the whole point of sports is. About going and enjoying the game you love to play,to put everything you have on the field every game, to remember the greats that played before you and continuing to respect the game and the fans that give up alot just to watch them play.
This is my first contest writing for SCF, Heck I don’t even like writing papers formy college classes, but I thought why not, I love this site. It’s what the hobby card collecting is all about. About being a kid again and collecting your favorite team or player on a piece of cardboard. Trading with friends and taking it to a whole new level, I traded with people from Puerto Rico and NewYork, while I live in Arizona. This site is truly a great site to forget about the stress of the world and be a kid again while trying to trade a Mark Price basketball card for a Larry Johnson card because you loved the Grandmamma commercials from the 90’s. Yes this is a great site to relax and look at cards.The one thing I would add (Don’t know if it is on here and I just not have found it) is photo sharing like the photo bucket site. Or a price guide wouldbe helpful. Since I never have a Beckett at in my times of trading. Other than that great site and I’m glad to be a part of it!
Thank you for reading

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