View Full Version : Card Show Karma :)

08-23-2003, 07:53 PM
i have always preached that beckett sucks, i talk with dealers all the time, and they agree. Today i was talking with one guy about the new 2003 Timeless Treasures. He had an Eddie Matthews Patch #ed/33, and it only booked $80.00. Keep in mind the packs have been going for $100+ in some places. So i shared with him, what in my opinion, is the ultimate evidence of that stupidity: The 00-01 Kevin Garnett Encore Warm-Up Auto #ed/21...it has a BV of $60. Finding this card in the possesion of a dealer who goes by book price has been my Holy Grail for almost 3 years now. I have looked at shows from San Fracisco to San Diego, as well as the 2001 National Convention in Aneheim. But since its #ed to 21, its no surprise i couldnt find it. After ending the discussion with the dealer, i walked to the next table and to my disbelief, there was the card i had been looking for. I figured he'd want $120, which is what it would go for on eBay, but i asked anyway. He said $50, i countered with $45. Sold.
The Lesson: Beckett may suck, with booking Garnett autos Ed/21 at $60 or Iverson autos which sell for $160 at $40, but it can help create some really good deals.