View Full Version : Help with bv on a Larry Bird auto\jsy

05-14-2006, 07:13 PM
I picked thi up from Loopdog last night

03-04 SP Game Used Larry Bird Legendary Fabrics Autograph #d /100

I didnt realize until this morning that this version is not listed in beckett or on beckett.com. I was doing a little research & noticed that the 04-05 Legendary Fabrics auto of Bird #d /100 books for $200. But, if you take a look at every other auto in the 03-04 set, even #d the same books higher than the 04-05 (example 04-05 Jason Kidd auto\jsy #d /100 bv $60, 03-04 Jason Kidd auto/jsy #d /100 bv $100). Any Idea what bv range I should ask for on this Bird if I decide to trade it?