View Full Version : Shaq 03-04 Exquisite jersey /25

05-26-2006, 07:06 AM
I have a Shaq 03-04 Exquisite jersey numbered out of 25. I was just wondering what people think it would bring in, trade and sale value wise. The way just base cards /225 are selling in 03-04 Exquisite, I'm starting to think it may be worth a decent amount. I picked it up when 03-04 Exquisite first came out and have been holding on to it since I'm a Shaq collector (it's the only Exquisite card I own, the stuff is too expensive for me, especially now, lol).

This question has been on my mind since Exquisite has been hot for a little awhile now. I was just wanting some others opinions on this.

Edit-I just checked Ebay and seen one sold for $102.50. Wow, that's double what I paid for mine. I seen a Shaq base out of 03-04 went for almost $40 also. :new_shock