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08-26-2003, 10:11 AM
Here is what I have for some of the up-coming releases for Basketball products. Hope you enjoy the previews:

2003/4 Topps Pristine Basketball

This is the 2nd release of highly successful Topps Pristine Basketball. This unique pack-in-pack-in a pack concept creates an exciting multi-pack opening experience for collectors. As collectors make their way through pack after pack, they will be delighted to find the following features inside each of the six packs.
Pack 1 – One Uncirculated Refractor or new Relic Refractor or new Gold Autographed card – encased in plastic
Pack 2 – One Game Used Relic Card and randomly inserted Pristine Plates
Pack 3 – 4 Veterans, 2 First year players, and randomly inserted autographed cards.
Pack 4 – Is randomly inserted one per box, and features one pristine mini card with randomly inserted autographed mini cards!
Each box will feature at least1 autographed card and 6 Game Used cards, plus one die cut gold refractor box loader!
THis is a very nice product, but it comes with a very nice price, more than $100 a box, but with limited production this will produce some very high end cards!! If you can afford it I say go and get it.
5 Packs Per Box Release December

2003/4 Fleer Tradition Basketball

Fleer Tradition Basketball is a set collectors dream. One of the most comprehensive basketball sets of the 2003/4 season features a 300 card base set, including 30 true rookie cards, and ten trio rookies. Each box will also have one rookie hot pack per box. Each hot pack will have 6 rookie cards, two trio rookies and one draft day rookie parallel numbered to 375 and one rookie hats off memorabilia card numbered to 299! In addition, each box will have at least one additional memorabilia card, for a total of two per box! This product offers a lot for any collector, and is a great price point. For teh money a nice product. Finally something we can afford to hand build a set with.
10 Cards Per Pack – 36 Packs Per Box, release Late October

2003/4 UD Black Diamond Basketball

Each box of Black Diamond will feature 12 double diamond cards, 6 triple diamond cards, and one quadruple diamond card. 24KT gold signature card will come in every three boxes, and every box will have at least two memorabilia cards. This will includethe exclusive names such as Kobe, Jordan, and of course LeBron James! I am a big fan of Black Diamond, the cards are always nice and although the set is very hard to put togther I love the challange.
6 Cards per pack– 24 Packs per box- release December

2003/4 Upper Deck NBA Classics Figurines

Upper Deck Classics NBA is the first bobbing head figurine to have a game used basketball material on the base! Each figurine will feature random numbering as low as 50. Each polystone bobbin doll will have a beautiful brass nameplate with sequential numbering, facsimile signature and a name plate with the athlete’s name and a trading card with numbering to match the figures number! These are the figures that an bobbing head doll collector will want to have. Players available are: Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Antoine Walker, Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki & Amare Stoudamire.
I am not a beg Bobbing Head collector, but I really like the personnel touch with game used material on the figure. A earler post was asking what would be the next big thing in collecting, well this may just be it. Release 11/11/03

08-26-2003, 10:56 AM
Thank you for posting these reviews. I am an avid basketball, football, baseball and hockey collector and enjoyed reading these.