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04-05-2014, 03:50 PM
Hi all, I am trying to finish up the 1970s 15 series Wacky Packages sets and need help. Here is a list of what i need on each series and the checklists that formed a nine piece puzzle. I have some extra originals to trade for my needs or i would possibly buy.Thanks.

Vintage Wacky Package Stickers Needed

*Indicates Pending/Incoming In A Trade

Series 1: Need all except: Maddie Boy, Jail-O, Crust,*Breadcrust,*6 Up,*Mrs Klean,*Minute Lice,*Skimpy,*Tied

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Upper Right,Middle Left.Lower Left

Series 2: Need Hurts Tomatoes,Run Tony

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Lower Right

Series 3: Crakola,Spit & Spill, Koduck,Moonshine Crackers, Snatch A Pak,
*Dr. Ono, Rice A Phony, No Tips, Beanball, *Foolball, Hawaiian
Punks, Lucky Stride. Hired, Lova Soap, Hurtz Bird Seed, Argh,

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Upper Right, Middle Left, Middle Center,
Middle Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle, Lower Right

Series 4: Brute 88, Liquid Bomber,

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Upper Left, Upper Right,Middle Center,Middle Right,Lower Middle,Lower Right

Series 5: Stickers Set Complete

Checklists Needed: Upper Middle, Middle Left

Series 6: *Fruit of the Tomb,Play Dumb,*Blisterine,*Sneer

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Upper Right,Left Middle,

Series 7:Big Muc,My T Fink Top Slob,Medi Quak,Hag and Hag,Dimwit,Mr Goodbye,Contrac, Emptimo, Oh Hairy,Sorry Wrap, Grime, Blast Blew,
Hurtz Ketchup

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Right Middle,Lower Middle

Series 8: Bam

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Upper Right,Middle Left,
Middle Center, Middle Right,Lower Left,Lower Right

Series 9: Killy Putty,

Puzzle Pieces Needed: Lower Right

Series 10: Pupsi Cola, Mt Goo,Oscar Moron,Nutts Apple Sauce,Pepto Dismal,Stove Glop Sunsweat,Casket Soap.Pooped Ridge Farms
Puzzle Pieces Needed: Middle Right,Lower Left,Lower Middle

Series 11: Sat Eve Ghost,Easy Cuss Words,Moron Chicken,Decay,Swiss Fright, Gulp Oil, Stinkertoy, FIB,Comit,Cult 45

Puzzle Pieces Needed:Upper Left,Upper Right,Middle Left,MiddleCenter,Middle Right,Lower Left,Lower Middle,Lower Right

Series 12: Robot Burns Cigars,Pollydent,Wrecko,Siesta,Martian Hats,Wash N Fly,Weak Germ,Dud's,Buz,Aquax,Brandy Land

Puzzle Pieces Needed:
Upper Left,Upper Right,Middle Right,Lower Left, Lower Middle, Lower Right

Series 13: Ale Detergent,Battle Ball,Ape,Sneezer,Icicle,Shrunken Donuts Screech Tape, Bums Life Magazine Brain Power Le rage's, Windaxe,Umbrella,Nooseweek,Jerk In Jail,Does'nt Delight,Sore Detergent

Checklist Pieces Needed: Upper left,

Series 14: Need all Except Moldy Bride,Promesso,Weakinson,Rotsa Root,Sugarmess

Checklist Pieces Needed: Lower Left Lower Middle Lower Right

Series 15: Need All Except: Mashbox,Iron-Ons,View Monster,Fang Edward,Famous Mobsters, Poundís Cream, Shingles Plaster Chips

Checklist Pieces Needed: Upper Right Upper Left, Middle Left Middle Center, Middle Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle,Lower Right