View Full Version : Softball started Thur night...defending 14 straight league titles!!

05-17-2014, 02:46 AM
We had 19 teams in our league last yr,
but 6 teams dropped out stating they never stood a chance of winning league.

Our only 2 losses(22-2) were to the 2ndplace team(21-3).
They were the 1st & last games of the season.

Deja vu...we lost 16-13 on a 3-run walkoff HR. Won 2nd game 15-2 in 5 innings.
Wind chill was 39!!!

Our pitcher & a guy from concession stand almost got into a fight.
Our guy started a protest on the hike in beer prices & said if 12 beers don't go back to normal price,
he'd bring beer with & drink it before, between, & after games.

New season immediately starts off like a reality TV show!!!
This is a 14-wk league(minus wk off for July 4).
We have tournament wknd after the 4th.
I believe 1st wins $1000!!

Tune in next wk!!:sign0020:

05-22-2014, 03:42 PM
Anyone care to venture a guess at what happens between teams & concessions and/or our games tonight?? LOL

Forgot a detail about that walk-off HR in game we lost.
Guy that hit the HR...