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05-19-2014, 07:13 AM
Thought this would be the best place to put this?

Let me give a backdrop and quick thoughts to start. I live in a faith based facility with other men. My last name is Lovett and that is the name that I have sort of inherited over time. When I got a new job recently I was kind of excited and one day out of nowhere I threw out a thumbs up. Not too long later I had named my thumbs up "The Lovett Finger". So in being positive I choose to give this "Lovett Finger" to people instead of the middle finger haha. Over time all this has being growing while the thumb keeps going up more and more. Even others starting to give a thumbs up. Along with the thumb, I would also come up with short sayings. One is "Holy Moly". This has actually become one of the most popular. I say Holy Moly at least twice every thirty minutes it seems:-) I have alot of other sayings beginning with the word Holy. Holy smokes. Holy mackrel. Holy cow. Holy macarroni. The list goes on and on. Well I think I have shared enough upfront.

What I have in mind now is coming up with a graphic picture of a thumbs up. I do realize that the thumbs up has been embraced by other folks too. Such as the business Planet Fitness thump up. Or the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy thumbs up. So I guess in creating a thumbs up it is best to have my own unique style that is set apart from the rest. I was thinking of having a thumbs up with "The Lovett Finger" written somewhere around it. Or even the thumbs up with a "Holy Moly" in there.

While I believe this thumbs up and these sayings encourage some people around me, I am not so understanding of how far I should venture out with this thumbs up, etc. Maybe one day have clothing made? Ya I know that is the bigger thinking. For now I want to stay realistic while brainstorming such ideas.

Let me know if you are able to put together something along the lines of what I have dicussed. I wasn't thinking of putting too much money into this either. It looks like I am weighing the overall options and potential here. I could swap out lower valued cards for the services. Respond with details of how you see things and what you may need in return if you can help.

And as always, keep the thumb up if you can.