View Full Version : Help!!! I Need To Know If This Is An Acceptable Price!!!

06-25-2006, 01:05 AM
is $69.99 a decent price to pay for a 2003/04 Fleer Avant NBA Hobby box??? I really want to bust a box from the 2003/04 year... please LMK with your opinions. THANKS A TON!!!!

06-25-2006, 01:17 AM
Just wanted you to know that if you look in the Tuff Stuff Magazine it has the value for sealed boxes listed with the sets. That particular box lists for $65... Consider too though that being it has D-Wade... The value could be on the up... Although there is 11 Fleer Sets from 03-04 Basketball so Im not sure everything will be going up considering theres so much of it!!! Just my 2 cents for ya... Good Luck Either Way!

06-25-2006, 01:26 AM
yeah i saw that in my tuff stuff magazine as well........ ok, but i'm probably gonna buy a 2001 NFL Fleer Premium Hobby Box from the same seller and i was considering buying both boxes on the same day to save shipping but seeing as its not the greatest price... I most likely won't. hey if you see a hooby box value on the 2001 NFL Fleer Premium Hobby Box LMK cuz it doesnt list ANY NFL Fleer products in my magazine...

06-25-2006, 03:04 AM
it might be great to pick up anything from 03/04 to keep sealed as I think something like that will be worth more sealed in years to come from that draft year.

06-25-2006, 03:50 AM
yeah... i see your point card shark... its just hard for me to not open it! personally, im not big on selling i like to JUST add to my personal collection, and although it might be wise to hold onto it and sell it for more later, to eventually get more money out of it to add more/more valuable cards to my collection, but i just cant take the chance of the box containing a dwayne wade or lebron or even carmelo memorabilia inside of it...