View Full Version : Graphic designers I need help with creating an eBay logo

10-31-2014, 09:29 AM
Hey all I have come up with an idea to sell general things on eBay along with my Mom under one user id. Below is a mock draw up of an outline of what initially came to mind for a logo that I'd like to place at the top of every eBay description. Feel free to experiement or use specific color schemes that you think would fit the bill. (maybe a bright yellow or green or?)

Now just some quick other points.....

1. I want to keep this simple, straightforward, & at the same time sum up what we are about
2. I am open to all suggestions be it adjusting the lay out, the wording, etc
3. If this service is going to cost some money then let me know a price as this is a first time thing for me
4. Let me know if I need to give you pictures of a certain size for the photos of us or if any size will work

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