View Full Version : what exactly is nr-mint?

08-06-2006, 12:38 AM
i got an auto of marvin williams spa /1299
you can see a slight chip on a side of the card (right above the word autographed, the black background is slightly chipped and you can see white)

is that still near mint? i'll get a scan up later but i just wanted to know what near mint was.

08-06-2006, 02:58 AM
Here's a breakdown according to eBay:

# 10: Gem Mint. The sports card is as perfect as possible. Corners are sharp, color is glossy, and the card is free of any staining. The image is centered.
# 9: Mint. Only very minor flaws. Slightly off-center, slight printing imperfection, but otherwise an excellent sports card.
# 8: Near Mint-Mint. Excellent sports card, slight fraying might be present. Slightly off-white borders.
# 7: Near Mint. Close inspection reveals slight surface wear or slightly frayed corners. Mostly glossy picture, slight printing errors.
# 6: Excellent-Mint. May have a printing defect or visible surface wear, but there is no loss of overall appeal.
# 5: Excellent. Minor corner rounding. Edges might have minor chipping. Minor noticeable surface scratches.
# 4: Very Good-Excellent. Slightly rounded corners, surface wear, some original gloss.
# 3: Very Good. Some rounded corners, slight surface scratches or scuffing.
# 2: Good. Several creases are apparent. Corners rounded. No gloss.
# 1: Poor to Fair. The sports card shows advanced wear. Corners are rounded, edges chipped and frayed. Pitting, chipping, and scuffing are all very apparent.

08-06-2006, 08:19 AM
Near Mint-Mint (NrMt-Mt)- A card with one minor flaw.Any one of the following can lower a Mint card to a Near Mint-Mint card: one corner with a slight touch of wear, barely noticeable print spots, or color or focus imperfections. The card must have 60/40 or better centering in both directions, original gloss, smooth edges, and original color borders. Hope this helps.