View Full Version : H: Benchwarmers (autos) W: Other non sports- SW, Firefly, Marvel

12-07-2015, 04:38 PM
I got a few I am keeping, but I ended up spending more than I wanted.

Candi Jones
DJ Isabella

2008 Signature Series
Tamara Witmer
Lisa Ligon
Carrie Stroup
Shay Lyn x2
Colleen Shannon
Sandra Taylor
Keely Williams
Jessica Hall
Jennifer England
Charity Hodges 06/25
Stacey Scott Green 13/25

2010 Signature Series
Lindsey Roeper
Renee Stone
Lana Kinnear
Martina Andrews

2012 Daizy Dukez
Tanea Brooks
Bambi Lashell

Vault 2012
Kayla Collins
Katie Lohman
Amanda Carrier

Vegas 2012
Yvette Nelson

2012 Happy New Year
Jo Garcia x2
Bambi Lashell

2012 Happy Fathers Day
Miki Black
Alicia Johnson

2012 Nationals
Bambi Lashell
Miki Black

Vegas 2013
April Scott
Syd Wilder
Kathryn Smith
Talor Marion
Andrea Lowell
Brook Morales
Tamara Witmer
Nicole Bennett
Jennifer Lyons
Camille Anderson
Tiffany Selby

Anna Sophia Berlund

2013 Bubble Gum

-Pink Auto
Trashell Thompson
Syd Wilder
Deanna Brooks

-Blue Auto
Cassandra Salvagio
Michelle mclaughlin
Tamie Sheffield
Natalie Clark
Stevie Lyon Leow
Trudi Pallas
Miki Black
Alicia Johnson
Casey Durkin

-All American
Shay Lyn Veasy
Malorie Mackey
Michelle Beana

-Boot Camp
Jennifer Walcott
Miki Black
Brittany Herrera
Kathryn Smith
Brande Roderick
Talor Marion
Jessica Burciaga
Jennifer Korbin x2


Lori Ann Valencia
Jennifer Korbin
Shay Lyn Veasy
Julianna Prada
Sandra taylor

2013 Nationals
Tabitha Taylor
Spencer Scott

2013 Electic
Cecille Gahr
Miki Black
Athena Lundberg

World Cup 2014
Casey Durkin
Angel Boris Reed
Lisa Lakatos
Heather Rae Young
Michelle McLaughlin
Katarina Van Derham

2014 St Patrick s Day
Jaime Hammer

2014 Treasure Chest
Jackie Dawn
Michelle McLaughlin

2014 Hollywood Show
Pink Shelby Chesnes
Silver Gemma Lee Farrell
Silver Scarlett Keegan
Silver Michelle McLaughlin

2014 Signature Series?
Jaime Hammer
Tabitha Taylor
Miki Black
Jessica Hinton
Syd Wilder
Alix Agar x2
Nikki Ziering
Hiromi Oshima

2014 Nationals
Scarlett Keegan
Hiromi Oshima
Val Keil
Raquel Pomplun
Heather Rene Smith

2015 Signature Series Red
Beth Williams
Amie Mason
Jessica Hall

2015 Valentine
Amie Mason

2015 Happy New Year
Stacie Hall x2

2015 Daizy Dukes
Athena Lundberg
Miriam Gonzalez
Alex Capriola
Andrea Lowell (Purple)

2015 Sin City (Cougar)
Pink Tiffany Taylor
Pink Jennifer Walcott
Silver Tabitha Taylor

2015 Pink Archives
Green Ashely Doris 8/10
Andrea Lowell

I am looking for various cards:

Star wars:
- autos from masterworks, TFA, Illustrated (even Empire artist renditions), others
- chromium (chrom art from any Star wars set)
- etched puzzle cards (from various sets)
- Relic cards (preferably movie cels)
- masterworks canvas

Open to a wide array of inserts
-missing etched for LOTR (6 piece)
- 3 card hobbit set
- autos (Balin and Bofur preferred)
- other inserts from other films

Fleer 94 Carnage hologram
Divas series 1-3 - inserts/sketches/base cards
Open to other inserts in Marvel as well

Indiana Jones Sketches
Firefly (the verse) sketches or leather parallels

Open to other Inkworks or rittenhouse autos. I will search photobuckets if need be, if anyone is interested.