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02-19-2016, 04:38 PM
LIVE" From the NFL Combine

I have autographed this event since it started in Indianapolis. This year I have decided to do something different. Over 350 players from about every college will be in Indy along with every NFL coach and their staff.

Everything I get signed will be photographed and loaded onto this page for everyone to view and comment. So while your working or at school next week you can follow the progress of what I get signed and what time it was signed.

Since most players sign several items all of my duplicates will be FS or FT.

I have 8x10's of every player that should be drafted in the first 2 rounds and 4x6's of players in rounds 3 and 4. I will carry blank 8x10 and blank 4x6 for all other players.

So with that said if you need for example (Byron Marshall WO from Oregon) i could get that signed on a blank 8x10 so you can print your own photo. That can happen to any player at the combine.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.... It starts Tuesday night (the 23rd) and runs to 29th....

In recent years I have had over 150 8x10 signed in one week... My goal is 300 autographs this year (this week alone)...

PLMK if I can help you.....