View Full Version : 2000 UD Master Collection Muhammad Ali Box

02-24-2016, 07:59 PM
Hi everyone -

Need your opinion. I just purchased and arrived today a 2000 UD Master Collection Ali box - I am debating whether or not to open it or hold onto it sealed.
I really want to open it but something is telling me I should just leave it alone. If I were to open it I would consider having every card graded by BGS..

What's your opinion on what I should do and why?

Thanks you, J

02-25-2016, 11:33 AM
I always say bust it! Especially if you are looking for an auto of him for your collection.

02-25-2016, 09:23 PM
I don't know if you should open it or not but I would definitely not grade every card. That would be too much money and I doubt that it would increase the values of the cards that much.