View Full Version : Looking for non auto Benchwarmers, have autos for trade

06-16-2016, 01:51 PM
Wanting to trade a few of my autographs for non auto cards.

Looking for:
Tabitha Taylor-
2014 Hot for Teacher (auto)
2003 Series 3 base (both)
2006 base
2008 base (non soccer)
2014 Nationals
2006 Boot camp

Cecille Gahr
2007 Gold Edition
2006 Base
2011 Bubblegum base
2015 Daizey Dukes haystack
2012 Daizey Dukes
2013 Nationals

Amie Nicole
2008 boot camp
2008 base
2015 signature series
2010 base

Gold Edition 2007
Shana Lemos
Holly Madison
Shauna Sand
Flo Jalin

2008 Series 1
Charity Hodges
Jessica Burciaga
Candace Kita
Janae Alt
Kayla Collins
Spencer Scott
Kitana Baker

2008 Signature series base
Louise Glover
Charity Hodges
Jenae Alt
Kayla Collins
Spencer Scott
Jessica Burciaga

Boot camp (various years)
Dylan Fitzpatrick
Miki Black
Mary Riley
Raquel Pomplun
Jennifer Walcott
Bobbi Ballard
Deanna Brooks
Shay lynn
Jaime Hammer
Kitana Baker
Heather Rae Young
Jennifer Korbin
Flo Jalin
Lora Lynn Peterson
Amanda Carrier

2006 series 2
Miki black
Shamron moore
Yancey Todd

2007 Base
Amanda Carrier
Melissa Taylor (both)
Bambi Lashell
Shana Palmira

2011 Bubblegum
Kayla Collins
Melissa Taylor
Bambi Lashell
Cecille Gahr
Cat Miller
Jenae Alt
Jessica Burciaga

06-18-2016, 10:25 AM
I have the following inserts for trade for autos if you want any or all of them

1994 refractors

LP3 Deirdre Imershein
Lp4 Darshell Stephens
LP5 Kimiko Tanaka

1997 Chrome
#7 Brooke Burke
#10 Patricia Ford

2005 Holiday refractors
#1 Cassandra Lynn
#7 Kathryn Smith
#9 Crystal Golar
#11 Holly Maddison
#14 Shandi Mason

2005 Pinups
#2 Carrie Stroup
#6 Nicole Bennett
# 12 Jamie Everett

Free Fm Promo
Carolyn Bolin

Tropic Beauty Promos
2011 Roosevelt room Alix Agar
2012 Mgm grand Mary Riley

Benchwarmer Bubblegum 2013 Carmen Electra subset #2 (2 copies)

Boot Camp 2013
#3 Mary Riley
#7 Patrice Hollis
#8 Kathryn Smith
#11 Nikki Ziering
#15 Brandy Grace
#17 Cassandra Lynn

2013 All american
#8 Maria Kanellis
#10 Jennifer England
#15 Renee Stone
#18 Debbie O'Toole

2013 50 hot momos
#3 Brande Roderick (2 copies)
#5 Michelle baena
#9 Ryan Shamrock

06-20-2016, 08:23 AM
interested in:
MGM Mary Riley
Boot Camp Mary RIley

Vault Kluthe auto

2013 Jaime Hammer auto

06-21-2016, 07:37 AM
my list for trade:
Something about Mary Inserts 1,3,6

Holiday Past and Present Autos
Jaime Hammer Pink,
Heather Rae Young Purple

2014 Schoolgirls autos
Kassie Lyn Logsdon

2014 Yearbook autos
Trudi Pallas
Peggy Tanous
Jessica Rockwell
Julianaa Prada
Marketa Janska
Angela Fong
Angel Boris
Michelle McLaughlin

Charity Hodges - 2008 Signatures series auto, 2011 auto
Brook Morales - Painted Beauties 2003, 2003 Gold Edition, Hotties Chromium
Kitana Baker - 2007 Gold Edition, Lingerie
Andrea Lowell- Ornament auto , 2013 Vegas auto , 2014 School girl auto
Janae Alt - 2008 Signature Series auto
Alicia Johnson - 2014 school girl auto
Stacie Hall - 2011 Bubblegum auto

2007 Gold Edition Select Certified
Brandy Grace
Aiko Tanaka
Tamara Witmer
Nikki Zeno

06-23-2016, 06:25 PM
i have 2011 benchwarmer happy hoildays auto of mary riley and a 2002 benchwarmer base card of mary reily

06-09-2017, 08:50 PM
I have the complete base set 110 cards of 2013 benchwarmer bubblegum