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03-02-2017, 07:54 PM
I have the following Derek Jeter cards for trade or sell. I only collect Nolan Ryan cards I don't have or I will sell for 40% of BV plus shipping. I will ship one card in a PWE upon request for $0.80, two cards in a PWE for $1.20. Bubble-wrap shipping is $2.50 for 1-10 cards. If trading, let me know what you can use and what you have to trade.

00 UD Black Label DiamoNation
03 UD Game Face Faceoff
99 Topps Gold Label Black Label, class 1
99 Topps Gold Label Black Label, class 2
98 Fleer Tradition In The Clutch
97 Donruss Diamond Kings /10000
05 Pinnacle Epix Purple Moment
01 Topps Gold Label GOLD /999
98 Topps Stadium Club Luminous Triumvirate #T14A
04 Donruss Elite Elite Team w/Strawberry & Boggs, /1500
01 Topps Gallery Heritage #GH8
97 Topps Gallery Gallery Heroes
03 Topps All-Stars
98 Topps Power Players
00 Fleer Focus Focus Pocus
05 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Red /500
05 Bowman #25 X-Fractor /225
05 Zenith Team Zenith GOLD /100
01 Fleer Futures Characteristics
97 Pacific Crown Royale BLUE #51
00 Pinnacle Prizm Center Stage die-cut #13
02 Fleer Genuine Tip of the Cap
98 Sports Illustrated Editor's Choice
00 UD HG Star View
98 UD Destinations Stardom
01 UD Royalty
01 Fleer Seal of Approval
02 UD Superstar Summit
97 Circa Limited Access
08 spectrum #DJ50
08 Spectrum #DJ57

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