View Full Version : [FOR SALE - Not Priced] vintage sale Mantle Koufax Ford .......

10-28-2017, 12:25 AM
'i have a 1955 topps Sandy koufax rc psa 3 ,1949 bowman Whitey ford rc psa 2,19
57 topps mantle psa 3,1957 topps mantle/berra yankees power hitters,1958 topps ws batting foes Mantle/H.aaron,1958 topps AS Mantle x 3,1959 topps mantle bt/52 hr,1959 topps Mantle AS x3
1961 topps psa 5 Mantle,1962 topps Mantle IA,1965 topps ws game 3 mantle,1966 topps mantle,1968 topps mantle,1969 topps mantle,1960 topps koufax psa 6,1969 topps clemente psa8,1960 topps E.mathews AS psa8, and 1962 topps koufax id sell all for 400$ if you want an individual ask for price

11-01-2017, 11:49 AM
How come you did not send my trade out yet?

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