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04-12-2018, 01:27 PM
Could someone point me to some of the better books on beginning currency and silver collecting? I appreciate any and everyone's time!

12-19-2018, 11:57 PM
Hi Ryan,

Not sure if you still need the info since the post is old but there are several books and magazines such as Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money, (https://www.shopnumismaster.com/standard-catalog-of-united-states-paper-money-34th-ed-cd)and a few currency related monthly publications, I subscribe to Numismatic News and it comes weekly and in my opinion its worth the relatively low subscription cost because I stay up to date weekly on the coin hobby.

As far as silver, if you are still collecting you should by now see there is really no standard to collecting it. At local estate sales I'm paying 14. - 18. for NICE Morgans. I have the Coinflation app on my phone to keep me updated every minute if needed on the melt value of silver and gold.

Sorry if this response came way late but I just got back to SCF and seen this.


03-03-2019, 09:59 PM
For Canada Haxby is the bible sir.