View Full Version : 2018 Chicago White Sox Fan Pack Success

04-28-2018, 07:05 PM
Hey all,

I have sent fan pack requests to almost every MLB team for the 2018 season and just got my first success of the year in the mail today from the Chicago White Sox. They sent a standard appreciation letter along with (2) 2018 pocket schedules, a pack of 2017 National Baseball Day team cards, a Sox sticker, a window decal and a 2017 Scout Day team patch! Also included were an appearance flyer for their mascot and an order form for things like team/player photos, yearbooks, etc. A great first success of 2018 in my opinion.
The St. Louis Cardinals fan pack is on its way and I should allow 4-6 weeks for that. I also learned so far, however that the Angels and Royals no longer do fan packs, the Dodgers fan pack is digital via email and that the Yankees, Orioles, Phillies and Giants require your request by mail.
Can't wait to see what else comes in the mail in the following weeks/months. Its always exciting getting fan packs in the mail when you dont expect them!