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05-22-2018, 10:17 PM
PRODUCT INFORMATION CENTERChecklist (Excel) (https://leaftradingcards.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2018_Leaf_Greatest_Hits_Football_CL_F.xlsx)Leaf is pleased to announce the return of a very strong repackaged product brand, 2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Football. This release celebrates everything that is great about football cards with an incredible combination of autographed cards, rare memorabilia cards, star cards and rookie cards!
ONLY 300 CASES PRODUCED FOR 2018!!!2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Football
Key ComponentsEach box will contain 4 Buyback cards plus 1 Valiant Greatest Hits Football Rookie card.

Card Variations
Greatest Hits Football Rookie
Green Prismatic – #’d to 60 and lower
Orange Prismatic – #’d to 35 and lower
Navy Blue Prismatic – #’d to 25 and lower
Purple Prismatic – #’d to 15 and lower
Yellow Prismatic – #’d to 10 and lower
Black Prismatic – #’d to 5 and lower
Red Prismatic – #’d 1 of 1
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