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03-23-2019, 11:55 AM
The MLB Guess the Score contests will return for the 2019 season on Thursday March 28th! As last year, there be a guess the score, and on some days an additional way to win RP by answering a questions correctly for another aspect of the game! We might ask you to name a player who will have a home run, or what will be the over/under for total runs in the game. More ways to win! As always we will be running two separate contests, one for the general membership and one for our VIP Members

The regular GTS contest will feature a daily prize of 25 Reward Points (RP) and 50 RP for VIP. The random questions will also be worth a varying amount of RP or maybe even a gift of wins to help you make up ground in the overall season standings. You will just have to tune it to find out what will be asked and what it will be worth.

Just like the last couple of years, we will continue to double RP if you guess the score exactly (50RP Regular) or (100RP VIP).

Also as like last year we will offer bonus RP for each consecutive win. You will earn 25 additional RP for each consecutive win. This will be the case for both VIP and Regular GTS. For example, if you win Mon, Tues, and Wed in the VIP league you will win 50 for each day and 25 2 times for the back to back wins. The overall yearly winner will win a prize to be name shortly. ........STAY TUNED.

The prize will be awarded to be person with the most wins at the end of the GTS season. Each league will have their own winner and each league has no bearing on the other Reward Points has many uses around the site, and you can pick up some great cards from the Reward Points Store - there are fantastic cards which are available in both auction and Buy It Now formats!

Rules remain the same as last year, please read the rules here (https://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/2413937-Rules-for-the-2018-MLB-Guess-the-Score)*.

*Small editorial note: Ensure you read the rules thoroughly, if you do not agree with the rules, maybe this isn't the contest for you.

The regular GTS contests will be found in the Baseball Contest forum here (https://www.sportscardforum.com/forums/354-Baseball-Contests).

The VIP GTS contests will be found in the VIP Lounge below.

If you are not currently a VIP member, and want to become one to get in on this contest and the numerous other perks, you can click on the link in the site header.

Good luck to all participants in the 2018 MLB Guess the Score contests! Get ready to have some fun!

03-24-2019, 01:58 PM
Thanks for running this MLB season contest. Looking forward to it. Have a good afternoon and evening, Rodney

03-25-2019, 12:42 AM
Ready to play another year and compete against others! Good to see Rodney ready too!