View Full Version : What made you start collecting Basketball Cards

04-28-2007, 07:34 PM
What made/inspired/ you to collect cards? What card(s) kicked off your collecting?

04-28-2007, 07:59 PM
My own beginnings started when I was about 6 or 7, my older brother had some cards that he didn't want anymore and gave them to me. When I got a little older(8-10), my dad would bring me a box of cards home every week, mostly baseball but nonetheless it was something to collect. In my neighborhood we had lots of kids that collected cards of all sports which gave me a decent base to start off my collection. We used to flip for them, throw them across the room into a bucket, I amassed quite the collection after a couple years......close to 2 million cards at 12 years old!!! My mother hated that I took over the whole downstairs playroom with my cards, they were in boxes everywhere, my younger sister had nowhere to play anymore.
I went into a partnership with my best friend at the time and opened a shop at 18, I had almost 5 million cards- 95% were base, and the shop folded after a few months. I sold out and made a nice dollar for everything, but about 2003-2004 I found the urge to start over, and now that I have a son to pass all this on to, I have just as much fun now as I did then. He is not old enough to realize what I am doing everyday on ebay, or when I bust boxes in front of him, but soon enough he will see what's going on and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do. I don't have near the size collection that I did then, now probably close to 500,000 cards however with boxes being smaller and much more expensive I guess it's more quality than quantity.
Plus when I was younger there was no internet to trade, forums like this one and a few others make things easier to pick up what you need, and most everyone here is friendly and very helpful.......always nice to have!!!!
I guess my only regret is when I started back up in '03 that I had the foresight to pick up all the Exquisite BKB that I could get my hands on. I just couldn't see paying $500 for one pack of cards, just seemed REALLY STUPID to me and now that LeBron rcs grab 10-12,000 now I guess I feel dumb. The hobby is so much different now than the 90's, the invention of GU/AU cards really put the hobby in FF and forced companies to compete harder for our dollars. Sometimes I wish there were still just 3-4 brands in each sport and 36 packs with 12-15 per pack was still the norm for .35 per pack/$12 a box and not 2 packs with 5 serial numbered parallels and 1 auto/gu for $2341234123491239 a box, oh well imagine if this keeps progressing on, at this rate the above joke just might be the price of cards on 10 more years.

04-28-2007, 10:30 PM
I was eight years old, and Mom took me to McDonald's after school one day. At the time they were having a promotion where you could get a pack of three Hoops cards for 99 cents. So when we ordered a Happy Meal, they asked if we wanted to get any cards. We said sure, why not? So I got them, and spent the next several hours looking at them, reading the backs, and screwing with them in all sorts of ways. The next time we went back to Mickey D's, I made Mom get me more cards, then more and more. Eventually I got so many I just threw the duplicates down into the passenger footwell of her car. When she sold that car, she filled up an entire Publix plastic bag of crumpled-up, dirty Hoops cards, hahaha. I didn't figure out for about two more months that cards came from anywhere other than McDonald's, until I saw them at Albertson's. So I started getting all the different kinds of cards I saw at the store. Fortunately for me, this was during what I call the Great Depression of the card market (1990-1992), when they were the cheapest and least valuable they've ever been, so I could afford to get tons and tons of them...which is exactly what I did. The next year, Shaq entered the NBA, and I still maintain it was because of him that the basketball card market blasted off...so the card companies could make expensive cards of Shaq. With some experience under my belt I started studying up on the hobby and going to card shows with my Dad. Until I was old enough to get a job, I pretty much had to rely on Mom and Dad to buy all my cards for me, but once I was older I started getting them myself...and that brings us to today, 16 years later. I threw most of those original McDonald's cards away, having basically destroyed them, but I did hang on to two of them that I keep as a reminder. The memories are worth more to me than that Exquisite crap will ever be.

04-28-2007, 11:02 PM
I was into football first and had amassed a large collection of football cards. By 1993, though, basketball had eclipsed my football interest, and I started getting a ton of 1993-94 cards. It was so fun for me to get new packs and look at them and read/smell them. Back then, I was unaware of condition, and I basically beat all my cards up..lol.

04-29-2007, 06:23 AM
I can't go to games as i'm in the UK, so it's kind of a consolation thing I think. (I'm saving for a trip to chicago)

My other motivating factor at the moment, the $ to rate