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07-05-2007, 03:34 AM
I need some opinions on some boxes that I have found for cheap. Most of these I havent busted before, some I have but need a second opinion. Please leave a comment on why or why not these boxes are good or bad


05-06 Topps Finest

05-06 Upperdeck Trilogy

05-06 Sp Authentic

06-07 Fleer EX

06-07 SP Game-used

06-07 Full Court

06-07 UD Reserve

07-08-2007, 01:20 PM
My cousin and I split a box of SP Authentic 05-06 at Sportsfest in Chicago for like 55 bucks.

Expect a ton of base cards, nice as usual, you'll get several stars and a few retired legends. As far as the hits or misses we pulled a Andray Blatche auto RC. and a Monta Ellis Sensational sigs redemption. We did a little draft of the boxes we got, I selected the Ellis he selected the Blatche. I saw somebody else break a box on here and got a Deron Williams auto or auto rc, can't remember, and I believe a Jalen Rose GU/Auto numbered low.

I guess that's a disappointing Sp Authentic year considering their track record. But the high end stuff is amazing as usual. You know the Bird, Magic LeBron, autos etc. Also doesn't make sense for sensational sigs to have like a 10 dollar bv auto then like a LeBron or MJ in the same set. Too much range.

Haven't had any 05-06 Topps Finest (although I've been contemplating getting a box on and off) but I think it's probably similar. You'd get some nice refractors, nice base rookies, hopefully a nice rookie xfractor or refractor. One guy on here had a box and pulled a Deron Williams Autograph Xfractor #'d to 29. I believe he got a nice Iverson game used too, not sure.

PM me if you're interested in the Ellis auto redemption.
This is what the card will look like once redeemed if you haven't seen one before: