View Full Version : Greg Oden out for the Season!!!!

09-13-2007, 03:11 PM
It was announced on ESPN that Greg Oden just had season ending microfracture surgery and will need 6-12 months of recovery.
I wonder if collectors will just give up on him and his cards will go really cheap?
If so im stocking up for the future.

09-13-2007, 03:14 PM
Man this is crazy......

Looks like I won't be buying any Topps products this year...

09-13-2007, 03:20 PM
I think this injury will make some of the products this year a little less expensive and the boxes wont be so hard to get like the year of Bron and Melo.
Plus alot of guys have had this surgery and come back good it just takes a while.
So I believe his cards will still be good invesments.
Thank god the Celtics didnt get Oden or I seriously believe there would be a couple suicides in New England today over this.

09-13-2007, 03:28 PM
wow......thats crazy

09-13-2007, 07:47 PM
To bad they past up on the better player in kevin durant.tough luck for oden though, i think him and his agent knew about this before the draft.If so there is no way he would have been #1.I hope he comes back healthy but i have seen alot of players who never fully recover.