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09-19-2007, 04:00 AM
First High-End Release of the New Season Offers Plenty of Chase and Double the Content

Carlsbad, CA – (September 7, 2007) – Basketball collectors have been anticipating the first premium NBA products from Upper Deck for this season the same way a young child anticipates Christmas. 2007-2008 SP Game Used Basketball is sure to make these fans go wild.

A year after the NBA instituted a new 19-and-under rule for admission to the league, this change is impacting trading card market significantly. Players are coming into the NBA more prepared to make an impact on their teams and in the league. Upper Deck made sure to sign the best of these players to exclusive contracts including fan favorite, Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant spent his freshman season at Texas winning just about every college award possible including the 2007 Oscar Robertson Trophy, the 2007 John R. Wooden Award, the 2007 AP National Player of the Year Award, the 2007 Naismith Player of the Year Award and most recently, the 2007 ESPY Award for College Athlete of the Year. The Upper Deck spokesman is ready to take his game to the next level with the new look Seattle Supersonics. Collectors can get one of their first opportunities to own an autograph card from this superstar in 2007-2008 SP Game Used Basketball.

Durant will not be the only new rookie signing autographs in the set. He will be joined by over 40 other rookies from this highly sought after draft class, including Upper Deck exclusive spokesmen Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Jeff Green, Joakim Noah, Julian Wright and Michael Conley. These players will be featured throughout the product, but highlighted in the Rookie Exclusive Autograph insert set in particular.

“Beyond the rookie exclusives, Upper Deck also enjoys exclusive deals with John Stockton, Steve Nash, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan,” said Chris Kollmeyer, Upper Deck Basketball Brand Manager. “2007-2008 SP Game Used will feature all these stars and more than twice as much content as ever before. In each pack collectors will now find two game used memorabilia cards or one game used memorabilia card and one autograph card. With all this content, we knew w could re-establish this brand as one of the best premium products in the market.”

Many of the game used cards will be extremely unique as SP Game Used will include patch cards, multi-player patch cards, By the Letter game-used and All-Star game-used nameplate cards, Tagmen patch cards numbered to 3 and Logoman patch cards numbered to 1. Six-pack boxes of 2007-2008 SP Game Used will yield three numbered rookie cards, nine memorabilia cards and three autograph cards, on average. Each five-card pack has a suggested retail price of $50 and the product is scheduled to be released on September 19.


Two Memorabilia Cards or One Autograph and one Memorabilia card in every pack, on average!
Rookie Exclusives Autographs Returns Featuring the First Autographs of the 2007-08 Rookies!
Look for the popular “By the Letter” patch cards!
Dual, Triple and Quad Patch cards numbered to 50 or less!
Look for All-Star memorabilia featuring game-worn equipment from 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:
Autograph Cards
·SIGnificance Autographs
·SIGnificance Autographs Dual – (# to 50)
·SIGnificance Autographs Dual SP – (# to 25)
·Significant Numbers Autographs – (# to 25)
·Rookie Exclusives – (# to 100)
·Signature Swatch Jersey – (# to Jersey)
·Signature Swatch Patch –(# to 10)
Memorabilia Cards
·Cut From the Cloth
·Cut From the Cloth Patch // (# to 25)
·Swatch of Class
·Swatch of Class Patch // (# to 25)
·Authentic Fabrics
·Authentic Fabrics Patch // - (# to 25)
·Authentic Fabrics Dual - (# to 99)
·Authentic Fabrics Triple - (# to 50)
·Authentic Fabrics Quad - (# to 25)
·Authentic Fabrics Dual Patch // - (# to 50)
·Authentic Fabrics Triple Patch // - (# to 20)
·Authentic Fabrics Quad Patch // - (# to 10)
·By The Letter
·Tag Men – (# to 3)
·Logoman – (# to 1)
·All-Star Memorabilia – (# to 199)
·All-Star Memorabilia Patch // - (# to 50)
·Significant Numbers Patch (# to 30)
·Hardcourt Classics –(# to 199)
·Hardcourt Classics Patch // (# to 50)
Inserts and Parallels
·Regular Cards Gold // - (# to 25)
·Base Set Jersey Gold // - (# to 25)
·Authentic Rookies Gold // - (# to 25)
Regular Cards and Rookies
·Base Set – 100 Cards
·Base Set Jersey – 40 Cards
·Authentic Rookies – (# to 999)