View Full Version : A disappearing act? Magic vanish from playoffs

04-29-2007, 02:35 AM
The Orlando Magic got the unwelcome distinction of being the 1st bounced from playoffs. The Detroit Pistons finished off first round foe Orlando by sweeping them in the 4th game 97-93.

Magic doesn't seem to help the Wizards either. As they are one game closer to elimination. This one was pretty much sealed the day Arenas went down and out of the playoffs. The Cavs have beaten them 3 straight games but they haven't blown them away winning only by 6 points saturday 98-92. As Lebron put up 30 pts and in a losing effort Jamison managed 38 to keep it close. Cavs 3-0 lead.

Jazz refuse to go away and tie series with Houston with a 98-85 win. Utah did what they had to do win on home court! Series is now tied at 2-2 this one might take all 7 games to decide who moves on and who goes home.

Spurs go up 2-1 in the series. Carmelo Anthony did everything he could to defend homecourt againest the Spurs recording a double double, but the Nuggets come up short losing 96-91.