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08-15-2007, 01:48 AM
If celebrating the history of the NBA through autographs sounds like a good idea, you'll want to keep your eyes out for Upper Deck's latest high end basketball card set. Releasing today (8/15/07), Chronology Basketball packs signatures from the past, present and future of the game - plus a lot more - into each seven-card tin.

Collectors can expect three autographed cards in every tin, including one Autographed Letterman Patch card with the signature on an entire letter taken from the player's jersey. Among the ten autographed insert sets are Contemporaries cards numbered to 25, pairing famous NBA teammates or a legend and his coach.

Memorabilia cards numbered to 199 or less with dual and autographed versions should make for some more nice pulls. Redemptions for cards of highly anticipated 2007-08 rookies headlined by Greg Oden and Kevin Durant round out the checklist.

Chronology Basketball will ship with eight tins to a case at a suggested retail price of $265 per tin.

2006-07 Chronology Coaches Box John Wooden

Coaches Box autographs capture the signatures of legendary coaches on cards numbered to 50. And it doesn't get any more legendary than the Wizard of Westwood, John Wooden.

2006-07 Chronology Cut Signatures Dr. James Naismith

Upper Deck's press information for Chronology promises Cut Signatures will feature basketball legends. From the looks of this cut from Dr. James Naismith, the man credited with inventing the game, that promise will be fulfilled.

2006-07 Chronology Autographed Letterman Patch Michael Jordan

Chronology isn't the first product to use an entire letter from a player's jersey to create a patch card, but that doesn't mean examples like this Michael Jordan autograph are any less impressive. A total of 42 rookies and 36 veterans and legends signed Letterman cards for the set, and collectors can expect to find one per tin on average.

2006-07 Chronology MVP Winners Bill Russell

Like the name suggests, MVP Winners features players who received the NBA's top individual honor. Bill Russell, pictured above, is just one superstar who signed 50 cards for the set.

2006-07 Chronology Contemporaries Michael Jordan/Dean Smith

Some of the most impressive signed cards Upper Deck has shown from Chronology so far are the Contemporaries dual autographs numbered to 25. Pictured above is the first card ever to feature signatures from Michael Jordan and his iconic college coach Dean Smith.

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2006-07 Chronology Starting Five Celtics

Proving that autographed cards can also benefit from a team concept, Starting Five cards gather autographs from a team's entire starting lineup. Appropriately enough, the cards are limited to just five copies. Here's a look at the front of one such card that shines the spotlight on a famous Boston Celtics squad.

2006-07 Chronology Contemporaries Dennis Rodman/Bill Laimbeer

While some of the Contemporaries cards combine players and coaches, others put teammates back together again. The card pictured above instantly brings back memories of the Bad Boys era of the Detroit Pistons with signatures from Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer.

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WOW I love them! But I'm guessing the price per pack would kill me.

Thank Goodness for Ebay!