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12-28-2003, 04:12 PM
I was very dissapointed with this break:

Eddy Curry Refractor #125/300
Steve Blake Gold RC
Kendrick Perkins Gold RC

Kendrick Perkins Chrome RC
Brian Cook Chrome RC
Zaur Pachulia Chrome RC
Carlos Delfino Chrome RC
Malick Badiane Chrome RC

Carmelo Anthony RC
David West RC
Slavko Vranes RC
Kyle Korver RC (x2)
Troy Bell RC
Sofoklis Schortsanitis RC
Mario Austin RC
Jerome Beasley RC
Josh Howard RC
Mikael Pietrus RC
Dahntay Jones RC

$19.99 Target Boxes

I bought the last two, I guess there was a reason those were left :(

Oh well it was fun opening!


12-28-2003, 04:15 PM
Steve Blake Gold RC
Dahntay Jones RC

Are those two for trade? If so how much BV would you be looking for in trade? PLMK and thanks

12-28-2003, 04:28 PM
Steve Blake Gold - $6
Dahntay Jones - $4

12-28-2003, 04:30 PM
Here's a tradelist. Would also be able to use your Brian Cook Chrome RC if you see anything you like. Thanks
**HTG means hard to get. It would have to be a great offer to get that card from me.
**A number in ( ) means more than one of the particular card is available.
**All prices were found from Beckett.com or the August 2003 Issues of Beckett magazine.
1. Baseball
*High End ($5+)
*Commons (Under $5)
2. Basketball
*High End
*Nice ($1-$5)
3. Football
*High End ($5+)
*Nice ($1-$5)
4. Hockey
5. Miscellaneous

*2003 Topps Franklin Gutierrez RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Donruss Fan Club Ben Howard RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Donruss Originals Mike Crudale RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Donruss Studio Alfredo Amezaga RC BV=$0.50
*2002 Donruss Studio Bill Hall RC BV=$0.50
*2002 Donruss Studio Juan Pena RC BV=$0.50
*2002 Topps 206 Marlon Byrd RC BV=$0.75
*2002 Ultra Juan Diaz RC BV=$3.00
*2001 Topps Reserve Phil Wilson RC BV=$8.00
*1999 Omega Gil Meche RC BV=$0.50
*1998 Pinnacle Inside Brett Tomko RC BV=$0.40
*1998 Pinnacle Inside Jeremi Gonzalez RC BV=$0.40
*1998 Pinnacle Plus Jeff Abbott RC BV=$0.25
*1995 Pinnacle Mirror Gold Charles Johnson RC BV=$5.00
*1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. RC BV=$8.00*1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson RC BV=$15.00
High End:
*2003 Donruss Classics Barry Bonds BV=$5.00
*2003 Victory Barry Bonds Tier 1 Green BV=$5.00
*2002 Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Musial/Reese BV=$10.00
*2002 Fleer Ultra Moonshots Jersey's Barry Bonds (2 available) BV=$15
*2002 Upper Deck Ovation Silver Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$5.00
*2001 Staduim Club AS Jersey Barry Bonds /4800 BV=$30.00
*1999 Barry Bonds Topps Chrome Refractor BV=$30.00 (HTG)
*Todd Helton Checklist (Throwbacks Inserts). No year, brand, etc. BV=Unknown
*Cal Ripken Pro Magnets BV=Unknown
*2003 SP Authentic Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x2)
*2003 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$0.60
*2003 UD MVP Barry Bonds BV=$1.25
*2003 Victory Barry Bonds #104 BV=$4.00 (x2)
*2002 Donruss Elite Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
*2002 Donruss Fan Club Bret Boone Die Cut BV=$1.25
*2002 Donruss Fan Club Adam Dunn BV=$0.50
*2002 Donruss Studio Spirit of the Game Carlos Lee BV=$2.50
*2002 Fleer Focus International Diamond Company Jore Posada BV=$2.00
*2002 Fleer Focus International Diamond Company Kazuhiro Sasaki BV=$2.00
*2002 Fleer Showcase Baseballís Best Pat Burrell BV=$2.00
*2002 Fleer Fall Classic All Time Series Team Munson/Bench BV=$1.25
*2002 Fleer Fall Classic All Time Series Team Stargell/Musial/Martin BV=$1.25
*2002 SP Authentic Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
*2002 Showcase Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
*2002 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$1.25
*2002 Topps Chrome Gene Woodling Reprint BV=$4.00
*2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 bat variation BV=$3.00 (x8)
*2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 batting golve variation BV=$3.00 (x7)
*2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 portrait variation BV=$3.00 (x3)
*2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds Team 206 T206-8 BV=$2.50 (x10)
*2002 Ultra Barry Bonds AS BV=$4.00
*2002 Ultra Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*2002 Upper Deck Miguel Tejada WS BV=$0.30
*2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Sean Burroughs BV=$4.00
*2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Phil Nevin BV=$4.00
*2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Ivan Rodriguez BV=$4.00
*2002 Upper Deck Authentics Flashbacks Jose Canseco /4225 BV=$4.00
*2002 Upper Deck Ovation Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
*2002 Upper Deck Ovation Frank Thomas Silver BV=$2.00
*2002 Upper Deck Ovation Jason Giambi BV=$0.50
*2002 Upper Deck Ovation Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$0.75
*2002 Upper Deck POH Larry Walker Batting Champ BV=$3.00
*2002 Victory Barry Bonds BTM BV=$0.50
*2001 Bowman Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*2001 Fleer Game Time Nomar Garciaparra BV=$2.00
*2001 Fleer Game Time Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$1.50
*2001 Fleer Ultra Luis Gonzalez Hitting Machines BV=$2.50
*2001 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$0.50 (x2)
*2001 Topps Chrome Bonds/Giambi BV=$2.00
*2001 Ultra Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*2001 Upper Deck Breakout Performance Tsuyoshi Shinjo BV=$1.50
*2001 Upper Deck Big Fly Zone Carlos Delgado BV=$1.50
*2001 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
*2001 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
*2000 Aurora Tony Gwynn BV=$1.25
*2000 Bowman Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*2000 Pacific Decades Best Hideo Nomo BV=$3.00
*2000 Topps League Leaders Randy Johnson BV=$0.30
*2000 Upper Deck MVP Barry Bonds BV=$1.25 (x2)
*2000 Upper Deck MVP Scouts Choice Nick Johnson BV=$1.00
*1998 Donruss Studio Gold Proof David Dellucci BV=$4.00
*1998 Pinnacle Naturals Roger Clemens BV=$0.60
*1997 Pinnacle Peak Performers Mike Piazza BV=$0.50
*1994 Topps Barry Bonds #700 BV=$1.25
*1994 Topps Barry Bonds/Albert Belle AS BV=$0.60
*1993 Bowman Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*1993 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$1.25
*1993 Upper Deck Barry Bonds Future Heroes BV=$3.00
*1992 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$0.60
*1992 Topps Barry Bonds AS BV=$0.30
*1991 Fleer Mo Vaughn BV=$0.20
*1991 Upper Deck TC Barry Bonds BV=$0.30
*1991 Upper Deck Barry Bonds BV=$0.60
*1990 Topps Fred Lynn BV=$0.05
*1989 Donruss Barry Bonds BV=$1.25
*1989 O-Pee-Chee Barry Bonds Sticker Back BV=$0.75 (x2)
*1988 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
*1998 Topps Bonds/Bonilla BV=$0.50

*2001 Sage Hit Fotsis Rarefield Gold /500 BV=$1.50
*2001 Sage Andre Hutson RC BV=$0.60
*2000/01 UD Reserve Donell Harvey SP RC BV=$1.00
*2000/01 UD Reserve Jerome Moiso SP RC BV=$1.00
*1999/00 Skybox Premium Quincy Lewis RC BV=$0.30
*1998/99 Black Diamond RC Robert Traylor BV=$1.25
*1998/99 Upper Deck Kelvin Cato RD1 BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Upper Deck Danny Fortson RD1 BV=$0.75
*1997/98 Fleer RC Ron Mercer BV=$0.60
*1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Juwan Howard BV=$1.50
*1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Aaron Mckie BV=$1.50
*1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Brian Grant BV=$2.00
*1993/94 Fleer Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x16)
*1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x15)
*1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC GOLD BV=$1.25
*1993/94 Skybox Premium Mashburn/Jones RC BV=$0.30 (x42)
*1993/94 Skybox Premium Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x7)
*1993/94 Topps Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60
*1993/94 Topps Stadium Club Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$1.00 (x16)
*1993/94 Ultra Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x2)
*1993/94 Upper Deck Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75
*1993/94 Upper Deck SE #167 Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x9)
*1993/94 Upper Deck SE Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.30 (x5)
High End:
*2000/01 Black Diamond Terrell Brandon Jersey BV=$12.00
*2001/02 Ovation Warm Ups Wally Szcerbiak BV=$12.00
*2002/03 SP Game Used Jersey Terrell Brandon Jersey BV=$10.00
*2002/03 SP Game Used Jersey Wally Szcerbiak BV=$15.00
*2000/01 Finest Moments Refractors Toni Kukoc BV=$1.25
*2000/01 UD Reserve Patrick Ewing BV=$1.00
*2000/01 Ultimate Victory Lamar Odom Reel World BV=$1.25
*1999/2000 Black Diamond Cuts John Starks BV=$1.25
*1998/99 Black Diamond Charles Barkley BV=$1.25
*1998/99 Black Diamond Chris Webber BV=$1.25
*1998/99 Black Diamond Michael Finley BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Latrell Sprewell BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Rasheed Wallace BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Jerry Stackhouse BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Grand Hill BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond David Robinson BV=$1.00
*1998/99 Black Diamond Reggie Miller BV=$1.00
*1997/98 Finest John Stockton Silver BV=$3.00
*1997/98 Z-Force Boss Marcus Camby BV=$1.50
*1996/97 Finest Derrick McKey Finest Silver BV=$1.25
*1996/97 Topps Pro Files Juwan Howard BV=$1.00
*1995/96 Upper Deck Chris Webber BV=$1.00
*1993/94 Upper Deck Team Flight Kendall Gill BV=$3.00
*2001/02 Stadium Club Hakeem Olajuwon BV=$0.60
*2000/01 Fleer Focus 20/20 Michael Finely BV=$0.50
*2000/01 Ultimate Victory Lamar Odom BV=$0.75 (2)
*1999/2000 Skybox Premium John Stockton BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Black Diamond Double Diamond /3000 Shawn Bradley BV=$0.60
*1998/99 Black Diamond Ray Allen BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Black Diamond Grant Hill BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Black Diamond Patrick Ewing BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Black Diamond Rasheed Wallace BV=$0.75
*1998/99 Black Diamond Alonzo Mourning BV=$0.60
*1998/99 Black Diamond Jeff Hornacek BV=$0.60
*1998/99 Sp Authentic Jeff Hornacek BV=$0.60
*1998/99 Upper Deck Jalen Rose Intensity BV=$3.00
*1998/99 Upper Deck David Robinson BV=$0.75
*1997/98 Fleer Jason Kidd BV=$0.75
*1997/98 Fleer David Robinson BV=$0.50
*1997/98 UDCC 76ers BV=$0.30
*1997/98 UDCC Jason Kidd BV=$0.30
*1997/98 UDCC Mini Standees Jason Kidd BV=$0.75
*1997/98 Z-Force David RobinsonBV=$0.50
*1997/98 Z-Force David Robinson Zupermen BV=$0.30
*1997/98 Z-Force Chris Webber BV=$0.60
*1997/98 Z-Force Ray Allen BV=$0.50
*1997/98 Upper Deck Juwan Howard BV=$0.25 (2)
*1997/98 Upper Deck P.J. Brown BV=$0.25
*1997/98 Upper Deck Jam Sean Elliot BV=$0.25
*1996/97 Premium Tripple Threats Stockton BV=$0.75
*1996/97 UDCC John Stockton FUND BV=$0.40
*1996/97 UDCC Walters/Hornacek/Blaylock BV=$0.20
*1996/97 Fleer Penny Hardaway AS BV=$0.50
*1996/97 Skybox Premium Charles Barkley BV=$0.75
*1996/97 Skybox Premium David Robinson BV=$0.60
*1994/95 Fleer Rebound Kings A.C. Green BV=$0.15
*1994/95 Skybox Premium SSW Robert Parish BV=$0.05
*1993/94 Finest Mark Jackson BV=$0.40
*1991/92 Hoops John Stockton BV=$0.25

*2003 Topps All American RC Justin Fargas BV=$4.00
*2002 Adrenaline Red Sam Simmons RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Adrenaline Ronald Curry RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Adrenaline Chester Taylor RC BV=$1.50
*2002 Adrenaline Eric McCoo RC BV=$1.50
*2002 Adrenaline Maurice Morris RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Bowman RC Steve Bellisari BV=$1.50
*2002 Bowman RC Charles Grant BV=$1.50
*2002 Donruss Cliff Russell RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Donruss Brandon Doman RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Donruss Najeh Davenport RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Donruss Ryan Sims RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Exclusive Silver Marquise Walker RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Heads Up Najeh Davenport RC BV=$5.00
*2002 Heads Update Chester Taylor RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Heads Update Tim Carter RC BV=$2.50
*2002 Heads Update Lee Mays RC BV=$2.50
*2002 Pacific Kurt Kittner RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Pacific Freddie Milons RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Pacific Andra Davis RC BV=$1.50
*2002 Pacific Eddie Drummond RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Pacific Dameon Hunter RC BV=$1.50
*2002 Pacific Jerramy Stevens RC BV=$2.00
*2002 Press Pass Quentin Jammer RC BV=$2.50
*2002 Private Stock Napoleon Harris BV=$3.00
*2002 Private Stock Poli-Dixon RC BV=$2.50
*2002 Private Stock Josh McCown RC BV=$5.00
*2002 Private Stock David Garrard RC BV=$3.00
*2002 Score Brian Westbrook RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Joseph Jefferson RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Score Alex Brown RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Score Tavon Mason RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Score Josh Scobey RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Donald Reche Caldwell RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Brian Poli-Dixon RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Woodrow Dantzler III RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Travis Fisher RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Raonall Smith RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Score Luke Staley RC BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Kelley Campbell RC BV=$0.60
*2002 Score Ladell Betts RC BV=$1.50
*2002 Stadium Club Alex Brown RC BV=$2.50
*2002 Upper Deck Wesley Walls RC /1989 BV=$2.00
*2001 Fleer Game Time Jamal Reynolds RC BV=$3.00
*2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Ifeanyi Ohalete RC BV=$2.50
*2001 Skybox Premium Premium RCís Marcus Stroud /2001 BV=$4.00
*2001 Titanium Idrees Bashir RC BV=$2.00
*2001 Topps Willie Middlebrooks RC BV=$0.75
*2001 Topps Chrome Brad Johnson CP BV=$2.00
*2001 Upper Deck Morlon Greenwood RC BV=$3.00
*2000 Metal Mike Anderson RC BV=$3.00
*2000 Score Freddie Jones 1546/2000 RC BV=$1.50
*2000 UD Ionix Shyrone Stith RC BV=$1.00
*1999 Collectors Edge Two Minute Warning Díwayne Bates RC BV=$3.00
*1999 Collectors Edge 1Q Daunte Culpepper RC BV=$3.00 (2)
*1999 Collectors Edge 1Q Donovan Mcnabb RC BV=$4.00
*1999 Donruss Troy Edwards RC BV=$2.50
*1999 Omega Martin/Gardner RC BV=$1.00
*1997 Donruss Corey Dillon RC BV=$2.00
*1997 Skybox Impact Chris Canty RC BV=$0.20
*1996 Draft Pick Premium Foil Richard Huntley RC BV=$2.00
*1990 Scott Mitchell RC BV=$0.25
High End:
*2002 Exclusive Gold Terrell Davis BV=$5.00
*2002 Exclusive Gold Ike Hilliard BV=$3.00
*2002 Exclusive Gold JaJuan Dawson BV=$2.00
*2002 Exclusive Gold Az-Zahir Hakim BV=$2.00
*2002 Heads Update Boston/Bryant Generations BV=$2.50
*2002 Heads Update Red Jerome Bettis BV=$2.50
*2002 Heads Update Red Coery Bradford BV=$1.00
*2002 Premium Prem Team Ed McCaffrey Bv=$4.00
*2002 Premium All Rookie Team Donald Reche Caldwell Bv=$2.00
*2002 Score Scorecard Ricky Proehl /400 BV=$1.25
*2002 Score Scorecard Rod Smith /400 BV=$2.00
*2002 Topps Chrome Ring of Honor Jake Scott BV=$2.50
*2002 UD POH Big Game Ray Lewis BV=$4.00
*2002 UD POH Hit Makers Chris Claiborne BV=$2.00
*2002 UD POH The Big Game Rod Smith BV=$2.00
*2002 UD POH Ron Dayne Run To History BV=$3.00
*2001 Fleer Game Time Crunch Time BV=$2.00
*2001 Fleer Ultra Head of the Class Peter Warrick BV=$3.00
*2001 Fleer Ultra Head of the Class Joe Hamilton Bv=$2.00
*2001 Fleer Ultra Cade McNown Quick Strike BV=$1.50
*2001 Fleer Ultra Ron Dayne 2 Minute Thrill BV=$2.00
*2001 Titanium Players Fantasy Football Correll Buckhalter BV=$4.00
*2000 Edge Stephen Davis Route To Super Bowl 34 BV=$1.50
*2000 Fleer Gamers Change the Game Terrell Davis BV=$3.00
*2000 Score Brian Griese Complete Player BV=$1.50
*1999 Collectors Oddyssey Cut N Ripped Rob Konrad BV=$1.25
*1999 Edge End Zone Kordell Stewart BV=$2.50
*1997 The Score Board Talkin Sports Troy Aikman BV=$4.00
*1997 Frank Sanders Flair Row 0 BV=$3.00
*1996 Edge Ripped Yancey Thigpen BV=$1.00
*1995 Classic Phone Cards Trent Dilfer $1 BV=$0.40
*1995 Classic Phone Cards Barry Foster $2 BV=$0.30
*1995 Classic J.J. Stokes BV=$0.25
*1995 Playoff Prime Steve Walsh BV=$0.75

*1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Jaromir Jagr BV=$0.40
*1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves John Leclair BV=$0.40
*1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Mark Messier BV=$0.40
*1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Jeremy Roenick BV=$0.30
*1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Brian Leetch BV=$0.40
*1991/92 Pinnacle Jayson More RC BV=$0.10

*2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Mike Weir BV=$1.50
*2001 Upper Deck National Heroes Mike Weir BV=$2.50
*2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Mike Weir BV=$1.50
*2001 Upper Deck National Heroes Thomas Bjorn BV=$1.50
*2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Stewart Cink BV=$1.00
*2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Rory Sabbatini BV=$0.25
*2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Chris Smith BV=$0.25 (2)
*2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Matt Kuchar BV=$0.25 (2)
*2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Tim Clark BV=$0.25
*2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Brandt Jobe BV=$0.25
*2002 Press Pass Premium Performance Driven Tony Stewart BV=$10.00
*2002 Wheels High Gear First Gear Kevin Harvick BV=$6.00
*2001 Press Pass Platinum Kevin Harvick BV=$3.00
*Have several SLAM and SPORT magazines for trade. E-mail me for list.

12-28-2003, 04:34 PM
Didnt really see anything I need...I dont collect base inserts and rookies...but...Possibly if you can dig up some Nowitzki cards Ill be interested....

12-28-2003, 04:35 PM
The Cook Chrome books at $8

12-28-2003, 05:43 PM
Sorry, don't have any Dirk cards.

03-27-2004, 10:48 AM
I can use one of the Korvers

Check out my post with a few cards for trade in the basketball forum and hopefully we can work out a trade

03-28-2004, 12:19 AM
Check out this, I just pulled it from SP Authentic.


Goes to highest bidder!

03-28-2004, 11:38 PM
No!!!!! whyd you put that on the bay! I have no chance, im not even going to bother bidding sorry, theres no way Ill win........damn, im not sure if ill see that card again though!

03-29-2004, 12:02 AM
Well, there's 9 more of them out there somewhere.

Have any need or desire for an Antawn Jamison auto from 04 Autographics? I think I still have it in my box. Just did a show this weekend and don't think I sold it yet. I'll look and see if I still have it and I'll see what I have for Nowitzki stuff I know I have another jersey and a couple of rookies (finest & maybe showcase)

03-29-2004, 12:23 AM
Yes I collect Jamison autos, im also starting a steve nash collection, for dirk I collect mostly g/u and autos, rare rcs too, and base/inserts/other rcs I just get in trade to build up trades, for nothing really....

But let me know who you collect.....

Oh yeah, someone else on here pulled one of those quad jerseys! whats the odds of that! Ill see if I can trade for/buy it, who knows,