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02-10-2008, 04:06 PM
Recently I acquired several hundred sports cards. I have sorted through them and placed them into three separate boxes. One box has a lot of Michael Jordan, another has a lot of Tiger Woods and the remainder is a mixture of baseball, football and hockey.

Some of the Michael Jordan cards are gold with certificates of authenticity. One even appears to have an autograph on it. This one does not have a number on the back, just a serial number. The front of it says January 13 retirement 1999.

Another one in gold says, RetroMJ, has a certificate of authenticity with a number, 09909 of 09923, on the back of it.

Most, if not all, of the basketball and golf cards that I have are in hard plastic cases and have a "GEM MT 10" or "WCG 10" at the top of the plastic cases. Some of the basketball cards are in regular card sleeves. If this is the same as other trading cards, I believe it means they are in mint condition and at their grade is a 10.

I've been trying to price these cards and have not found much. If anybody can give me an idea of what the basketball cards might be worth I would be very appreciative.

02-10-2008, 06:19 PM
hey, welcome to the forum :)

The ones in plastic are in fact graded, this just means someone sent them in and had them graded and they could be worth more than the standard book value if they are grded high. some price guides have a section for commonly graded cards.

as for values, try using the magazine beckett. Also, you can go to beckett.com and get a free account, then use the My Collections. As you create a collection, you can search for the card you have. Each time you add a card, the value of the collection as a whole shows up, so each time you add a card, subtract to figure out individual values.

hope that made sense... goodluck!