View Full Version : War! Ncaa BB

02-22-2008, 04:27 PM
When: Saturday, February 23rd. 9:00 pm EST
Where: FedExForum
Who: No. 1 Memphis Tigers(26-0) hosts No. 2 Tennessee Volunteers (23-2)

The Vols handed Memphis who had a very nice Elite8 run in the tourney last year a very lopsided defeat last year, almost embarrassing! Look for Tigers coach Calipari to have his players ready for a little payback, but none of that matter to TN they want the #1 ranking!

Memphis leaders
PPG Chris Douglas-Roberts 17.9
REB Joey Dorsey 10.5
3PT% Chris Douglas-Roberts 46.5
BLK Joey Dorsey 2.2
STL Joey Dorsey 1.2
Vols to watch
PPG Chris Lofton 15.4
REB Tyler Smith 6.5
AST Tyler Smith 3.7