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03-04-2008, 01:56 PM
im trying to get a complete set of 2005 press pass vip signed and while i have about half of it done i realized that im gonna have a hard time getting the rudd's martins, and a few others done, so im looking for any cards you have singed from this set ill list the ones i need by number

2- jeff burton
10-dale jarret
11- jimmy johnson
12-kasey kahne
14- travis kvapil
16- terry labonte
17 mark martin
25 ricky rudd
27 tony stewart
29 rusty wallace
31-rusty wallace
32-jamie mcmurray
33-dale jr
34-matt kenseth
35-bobby labonte
36-kurt busch
37 ricky rudd
39-tony stewart
40 elliot saddler
43-jeff gordon
48-jeff gordon
50-kurt busch
54 jimmy johnson
55-kasey kahne
58- mark martin
60 mark martin
61 elliot saddler
63-jeff gordon
64 t. labonte
65 t. labonte
67 mark martin
68 m martin
69 m martin
70-72 rusty wallace
74 jeff gordon
75 t. labonte
77 mark martin
79 rusty wallace
83 bobby labonte
84 rusty wallace
87-mark martin
90- the checklist (if anybody ever bothered with this one)

i can buy outright or i have a collection or other ip autographed cards from all the drivers we could work out a trade please let me know especially on the martins!

03-04-2008, 02:18 PM
Moved to wants, same reason as other thread, can not mention trading in Buy/Sell forum. Strictly for Buy/Sell items.