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04-02-2008, 10:40 PM
Hey guys. I wrote this on another forum and just interested what everyone here thought about busting cases. I would love to hear everyone's take. It's kinda interesting to me.... but I love the hobby so that's why!

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum and fairly new to collecting cards again serious. Of course as a kid it's all I did but I just got back into the hobby a couple months ago. Beings I'm a college student with no real income at the moment, the funds for collecting cards are limited. I've always wanted to bust a case but as of now seems more like a future-dream for me. I have a few questions regarding just that.

Do people bust Higher-end products to:
A) Make money
B) Break even
C) Add to their collection
D) Hope they get that 1/1 mojo that saves them from debt (joking of course, but the idea still applies)
E) Have the money to spend/$2000 isn't a lot of money for ya
F) Combination of all

The reason I ask is that from everything I've been seeing, it seems people bust a case only to sell everything they just opened on ebay to break even. If this is true... it seems to me it'd be a lot easier to save your money and not risk losing money buying a case. What are you getting out of busting the case? I realize that you win on some and of course lose on others. I know you certain can make money... take the new UD Black for example. I've seen a lot of cards on ebay going for $300+ which easily pays for a box of black. I just don't get why you'd bust a case in the first place if you're only goal was to break even? What are you getting out of it? Unless it's just for the thrill of never knowing what you're going to get. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love opening packs/boxes for that exact same thrill/feeling of never knowing what you're gonna get. Except with my luck 99% of the time it's complete crap. I know if I was to bust a case I would hope for a few cards that I could sell in order to not be out the thousand or so dollars. The rest of the cards I would either keep for my PC or use as trade-bait.

Please don't take this thread as ignorance towards busting cases. I'm just genuinely interested in why people (you) bust cases. I've been thinking a lot about busting a case for myself. But with my situation that kinda money could be put to a lot better use. The only way I could even afford to would be to put in on the 'ole trusty credit card and hope for the best. I usually put away $20 away every check or so and then bust a box when I save enough for one. I know with a case you know you'll hit the case odd (Hot box per case/2 "A" list auto's/etc). Maybe that's why people do it... I don't know. Which is exactly why I am interested in everyones opinions!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and also to everyone who takes the time to respond!! I appreciate it!!