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04-07-2008, 12:11 PM
I really don't collect racing but I figured i'd try something different,Also got a great price i bought a 4 pack baseball box for 9.99 the racing box wouldn't ring up so the cashier sold it to me for 9.99 instead of 19.99.I'll list what I think might be good cards,you racing fans can tell me if they are or not here goes.

box bonus cards

2007 traks driver's seat tony stewart ds 4/27

2007 traks driver's seat carl edwards ds24/27

here are the cards in no particular order I didn't pull any gu or autos so you guys looking for those need not bother reading this break.

presspass 2003 snapshots inserts

kevin harvick ss9/36

dale jarrett ss10/36

sterling marlin ss15/36

elliott sadler ss20/36

presspass 2003 regular cards

jeff gordon 10

dale earnhardt jr 9

presspass 2003 parallels

jeff fultz p88

greg biffle p34

presspass 2003 insert

cup chase 2003 sterling marlin ccr14/18

now I'll just list cards and set names they came from,no rhyme or reason to this break and everything is for trade.

high gear 2006 wheels dale earnhardt jr 18

presspass vip 2004 making the show scott riggs ms7/27

presspass vip 2004 jeff gordon all-time winners 66 wins 88

presspas vip 2004 darrell waltrip all-time winners 84 wins 85

presspass vip 2004 dale earnhardt jr 4

press pass vip 2003 all-stars 2003 jeff gordon 30

press pass vip 2003 jeff gordon explosives parallel x5

presspass vip 2003 kevin harvick explosives parallel x6

presspass vip 2003 matt kenseth explosives parallel x9

presspass vip 2003 bobby labonte explosives parallel sunday glory x22

presspass vip 2003 making the show inserts 4 of these

kyle petty ms19/24

dale earnhardt jr ms4/24 x2

ward burton ms12/24

presspass vip 2003 insert

bobby labonte mile master mm6/12 transparent

presspass trackside 2005 insert

dale earnhardt jr runnin n gunnin rg1/12

2005 presspass eclipse destination win inserts 3 of these

jimmie johnson charlotte sweep dw11/27

jeff gordon daytona dw15/27

dale earnhardt jr phoenix dw26/27

presspass eclipse 2005 insert

jimmie johnson hyperdrive hd8/9

presspass vip 2004 making the show inserts 2 of these

rusty wallace ms2/27

scott wimmer ms3/27

presspass vip 2004 insert

tony stewart headgear hg10/12

highgear 2006 wheels insert

jeff burton man and machine mmb8/9

highgear 2007 wheels insert

david stremme driven dr23/27

presspass vip 2006 regular cards

tony stewart 26

kasey kahne 46

terry labonte by the numbers 58

highgear 2007 wheels regular cards

denny hamlin 34

kyle busch 10

kevin harvick 59

highgear wheels 2006

tony stewart fanfare 82

highgear 2006 wheels

carl edwards carmeleon 50

presspass vip 2004 regular cards

mark martin sunday glory june 6 2004 dover 54

rusty wallace 17

jimmie johnson sunday glory march 21 2004 darlington 47

ricky rudd rides 40

presspass vip 2003

kurt busch sunday glory 24

presspass 2003

kerry earnhardt 35

presspas 2003 parallel

2002 replay ricky rudd p82

presspass 2003

jimmie johnson rookie replay february 17 64

presspass vip 2003

jimmie johnson honor roll 48

presspass 2003

matt kenseth rock steady 74

presspass 2003

kurt busch 57

presspass 2003 parallel

tony stewart double take p72

presspass eclipse 2005 regular cards

sterling marlin 20

jeff gordon road warrior 57

dale jarrett limelight 83

ricky rudd nascar nextel cup 22

ryan newman zenith most poles 47

jimmie johnson nascar nextel cup 2

jeff gordon nascar scene changing of the guard 2004 replay 65

jimmie johnson zenith most wins 46

michael waltrip pathfinder milestone 600 starts 61

presspass vip 2004 regular cards

tony stewart by the numbers 17 75

kyle petty 22

sorry about listing that many cards but not knowing much about racing i figured if somebody collects certain racers chances are they might need something thanks for the read take care Steve

04-14-2008, 09:41 PM
Hey Steve I love those boxes. The Cup Chase card you got is pretty good. Those were pretty tough pulls, could have been a better driver, but good pull.

You got some nice Parallels and inserts, some good drivers. They're not something you'll make a ton of money on, but I'm sure someone needs them for their collections.

I'd make a thread in the trading forum listing just the inserts. Base is hard to move, unless you want to go through everyone's want list that collects the drivers you got.

Also, to save some time, if you post base cards for trade. Normally all I list is the card number and driver.

04-15-2008, 09:51 PM
Thanks for your response boomgagem,if i were to buy a hobby box of racing cards which would you recommend thanks in advance Steve

04-15-2008, 09:54 PM
My son loves Junior - I have no racing cards but would be interested in trading from the four major sports for those cards.

04-15-2008, 10:11 PM
Hey tapintomac just offer me something you think is fair in either baseball or football,I collect yankees in baseball and giants in football thanks Steve

04-15-2008, 11:31 PM
Steve, it really depends on what you're looking for. Legends is probably one of the best. You get 2 Auto's and 2 Race Used cards per box. The only downfall to Legends is the older drivers. Alot of members don't collect them, and they're hard to move if you don't want them.

2008 Eclipse has been an awesome release. You'll get an Auto and 2 Race Used from it. Same with Wheels American Thunder. I would probably suggest either Eclipse or Stealth.

04-24-2008, 11:14 AM

Check the 2 Bonus cards...I bought oneof these boxes Sunday and the two 07 Traks Drivers Seats were the National 2007 cards....if the Stewart is a National one Im definately interested in it.

04-24-2008, 08:39 PM
Hey stillbig20fan the stewart is a 2007 national i'll hold it for you take care Steve