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04-09-2008, 01:49 PM
I want to see all the cards ever made of Josh Smith. Well I went to my collections and what not but how do I make a list now that I have it all selected. I am totally dumb to beckett. Also, how do you see prices without paying for the price guide. Eeeek :confused0024:. I feel dumb. Any help would be great. Thanks.

04-09-2008, 02:09 PM
Hey, so when you go to My Collections, you make a collection. Then you add cards to it. You can do a few different kinds of searches... pick the first one: "Search all sets for players". On the next screen just fill in the name (for example: Smith, Josh). Then it will show you any players with that name, check off the right one. It then shows you all the cards. To add them ALL to the collection, just check the box at the top for selecting all of them. Then click Finish at the bottom.

To see prices, go to the collection, and you should see "Total Value:" at the top of it. It gives the value of the ENTIRE collection. So you have to add cards one by one if you want individual values. Basically do some math each time you add a card to figure out how much a single card is worth.

Hope that helps!