View Full Version : Last banner making attempt killed the computer.....can someone please help me??

07-30-2008, 07:39 PM
Well....to make a long story short, I was attempting to make myself a banner and ended up having to restore my computer to factory settings because of some pretty severe problems. On the bright side, it runs faster though :party0048:!

Well I have some banner Ideas and I am wondering if you guys can help.

i have some pictures that I found that I was going to use. if you have anything better, that is cool too!


here are the banners I would like made

Devin Harris and Alando Tucker in their Nets and Suns Uni with something about the badgers on it.

and then these bucks ones (with milwaukee in the back if possible)

Michael Redd and Mo Williams (really like the Redd in my bucket)

David Noel, and a TJ Ford from the Draft with "Once a buck, always a buck" on there.

And lastly Ramon Sessions, Desmond Mason and Charlie Bell.

I have no card cash to tip....otherwise i would tip well....so if you could just do one or as many as you want it would be awesome. i plan to recognize the creator in my sig once the banner is up as well.

let me know if you would like to do one for me! im not risking another computer crash....so if you could help me out, it would be great! just let me know what one!

Thanks in advance!