View Full Version : New Sports Card Tradition Site Open. Promotion Available!

08-07-2008, 10:23 PM
My new website is now up and running. I am still adding new products to the site, but there is a lot of stuff up already. Feel free to browse around and check out the products we are now offering.
1. Sports and Non-Sport Trading card boxes
2. Sports Memorabilia from Steiner, UDA and other reputable companies.
3. Graphic Novels (comics)
4. McFarlane Sports Figures
With much more to come.
The site features secure shopping and cart/checkout technology from Amazon and I am also able to drop ship many Amazon products.

Promotion- I am still going to continue my current promotion of a $20 credit to each month to everyone that spends at least $50 on any of the items on the site. You can choose to take this $20 as Paypal cash or credit towards a sports card purchase (other items on the site are not included in the promotion as far as using the credit towards them).
Note- only one winner per month and the drawing is random using random.org This promotion also restarts on the 1st of every month, so to qualify you must spend $50 in that month.