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03-03-2004, 07:23 PM
Well, I went to the local card store and show yet again.
From the card store I got
3 boxes of UD MVP retail (8 packs)

I got the same inserts in the first two boxes - MJ7 and MM5. I was fortunate to get a jersey in both boxes though - Gerald Wallace and Reggie Miller. Mostly though I was glad to get most of the cards I needed for the set. I haven't opened the third box yet.

At the show yesterday I bought (for $80 Cdn)

Fleer Focus Chris Bosh RC
Bowman Rookies and Stars Chris Bosh auto RC
00-01 Vince Carter Hoops Inside Vince Carter college jersey/500

I also got a box of Topps Chrome for $115 Cdn.

I didn't pull a Lebron James RC but again I got most of the cards I needed for my set including a Carmelo RC.

Got several reg. refractors
Black Border - Chris Kaman RC
Gold Border - Brad Miller
X-fractor - Steve Blake (damn)
However I was lucky because I did pull

Shaquille O'Neal Chromograph

From the first box I bought at the store I was also lucky and pulled T.J. Ford Chromograph refractor/25.

Any help with my other sets would be appreciated
Here is my site


Good luck to all.

03-03-2004, 09:43 PM
very nice pulls!!!

if you are looking to buy/sell/trade - post the threads in the TRADING FORUM