View Full Version : Selling ALL my Basketball Cards

10-14-2008, 10:15 PM
Make offers or I can give you a price. The more you buy, the better the discount:

Manu Ginobili 2003-04 SPx (Triple Jersey & Auto) $40 BV

Tim Duncan 2003-04 SPx Winning Materials (Warm up and Shooting shirt jersey) $20 BV

Peja Stojakovic 2003-04 Sweet Shot Signature Shots (Signed patch of basketball) $15 BV

Reggie Miller/ Brad Miller 2003-04 SPx Winning Materials Combos (Dual jersey) $15 BV

Jerry Stackhouse 2002-03 UD Hardcourt Game Floor (Patch of floor) $12 BV

Kobe Bryant 1996-97 UD Rookie Exclusives (Rookie) $15 BV

Allen Iverson 1996-97 UD Rookie Exclusives (Rookie) $12 BV

Steve Nash 1996-97 UD Exclusives (Rookie) $6 BV

Ray Allen 1996-97 UD Exclusives (Rookie) $6 BV

Stephon Marbury 1996-97 UD Exclusives (Rookie) $4 BV

Marcus Camby 1996-97 UD Exclusives (Rookie) $2.50 BV

Those are the pricier cards I have... If you need base of a player/team, lmk and I can see what I have.