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11-29-2008, 05:08 PM
Does Joe Paterno (Penn State) ever sign via mail or email? If so where do I send it too?
ANY help GREATLY appreciated!


11-30-2008, 10:27 AM
From my sources, I have heard that he only signs for charity. And when you attend one of the functions, you may or may not get an autograph. Im sure that you can give it a try, but you may be disappointed.

Good luck

11-30-2008, 01:02 PM
I also have never seen a TTM from him. Bobby Bowden has been great via email, if interested. I also have seen tons of successes for Larry Johnson, if you are a Penn State guy try LJs' home addy.

12-01-2008, 11:20 PM
I have heard that the addy from his clothing store in State College, PA is an auto pen. I am no expert but beware if you want the real thing

Good luck

11-23-2009, 06:50 PM
Hey Guys,

Joe did, at one time, autograph TTM. However, he stopped due to the amount of TTMs he was getting- after all he's an old man now...

2 ways to get Joe's auotgraph today:
1. Charity Events: not guarunteed... Joe signs when he's up to it.
2. Through current Penn State players... Any current Penn State player can leave items with his secretary for Joe to sign. He once signed for anyone that dropped items off, but he's restricted it to current players only.

One last comment: Someone referenced Larry Johnson's TTMs. I don't think Larry Johnson jr. signs his TTMs. If you compare the TTM auto to the card insert auto, you can see the obvious differences.

Hope this helps,