View Full Version : Rosey Grier addy needed!

12-11-2008, 01:22 PM
Hey Guys,

I need Rosey Grier's autograph bad! I'm a huge Penn State collector and not having Grier's auto creates a huge void in my collection. Let me know if you can find anything. I've tried searching myself, but haven't found anything solid.

Also, there are a bunch of other Penn Staters' addys I'm looking for...
Eddie Drummond
Walker Lee Ashley
Bruce Branch
Ki-Jana Carter
Bruce Clark
Randy Crowder (is he still in jail?)
Omar Easy
Curtis Enis
Sam Gash
Tyoka Jackson
TIm Johnson
Bhawoh Jue
Pete Liske
Matt Millen
Brandon Noble
Milt Plum
Matthew Rice
Wally Richardson
Macro Rivera
Freddie Scott
Brad Scioli
Mickey Shuler
Dave Szott
Steve Wisniewski
Phil Yeboah-Kodie

If anyone can help me out, then I'd be eternally greatful!


12-11-2008, 01:57 PM
Here a Rosey Grier From Early 07 Tested But Nothing Since

1250 4th St
6th Floor
Santa Monica CA
USA 90401

Take A look in the Address Section Also There Have Been 2 or 3 Post in the Address Request Section For Penn State Addy I Have Post Some In Those Post

Then Come Back With a Smalller List