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05-06-2004, 04:05 PM
I need some help wth something im looking to get ride of....

I got a box of about 800-1000 doubles + that im looking to sell or trade off, The bv on becket ranges from 225-275$. This box has stars,inserts, #ed cards but mostly commons, i would say the ratio is 2 commons to one star card.

I was thinking of trying to see it on the bay stating wit a low bid and having a reserve at like 70$, cause im looking to get 70-100$ for the box. The main probluem is that its 30-50$ to ship this thing.

Any help on what i should do?????

ps. i would sell to someone on here or trade for 100$ worth of cards n shiping no price at u

05-06-2004, 06:17 PM
This is my opinion only ok, what you have on hand that you want to sell seems difficult. Not hard, not easy but there might be people who are interested in what your selling. I have a box just like yours that I want to get rid of but I haven't tried. :confused: I sold 52,000 common cards to a dealer for $650. He is also interested in BULK lots of INSERTS/STAR players & rc's. That is another option if you are looking forward to selling your item. visit his store/webpage at (burbanksportscards.com). If you do not reside near the store you are eligible to (MAIL/SHIP) the stuff to him. But you need to contact them first (of course) and pay for your own S/H. I hope this information helps