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05-09-2004, 02:49 AM
hey wsup everyone!
I didn't have time to post nething new been busy & out of town.
anyhow, here is my page check it out


didn't buy that much today but here are my breaks

(1) pack 03-04 SP Game-Used BKB
(3) base cards/ A. Walker; J. O'neal; M. Jaric
(1) Patch #'d 003/100 3 clr Karl Malone

(1) Tin Kobe Bryant blk 03-04 SP Signature BKB
(1) #'d card/ Chris Wilcox 097/100
(1) RC Logo/ Keith Bogans #'d 466/499
(1) Auto/ Scripts for Success Alexander Pavlovic #'d 127/250

2000-01 Upper Deck Legends
(1) Legendary Signature/ George Gervin
(1) Legendary Floor/ Michael Jordan
Does anyone know if the Signature replaces the Jersey??? I've only opened 1 box several months back & got a Floor/Jersey as the odds for both are 1:23.
The signatures are 1:71 but I don't know if they were short on the Jersey.
If so then as of late I've been short lately on my boxes. I busted 4 jumbo packs 03-04 Fleer Platinum and got no Nameplate!
My page will be updated tomorrow & I will start being very active this week.

05-09-2004, 08:36 PM
hey you need nameplates i got tons but i won't give them up easily sorry
i have these players and #er of clrs
cwebb 2
mickael pietrus 3clrs
travis outlaw 1
shane battier 4clrs
also if ou have some platinum nameplates to trade lmk thanks i need all of them not listed lmk who you collect then?
vince carter 3 clrs lmk thanks!!!