View Full Version : Phil bradley and bobby bonilla

02-05-2009, 12:26 AM
Here is a good question, Phil Bradley and Bobby Bonilla both are special assistants to the executive director of MLBPA. Has anyone ever had success by sending there?

I know that there is an addy for bonilla here but going into the season, wonder if this place might work?


02-05-2009, 09:04 AM
I had a fast response from him (Bonilla) with the addy in the success section- that was in December though. With a job like that, maybe he works from home anyways...

02-05-2009, 09:32 AM
MLB offices are in NY and Bonilla can commute from his CT home, it isn't long at all. He signs from both addresses.

02-06-2009, 12:25 AM
thanks guys. Im gonna get his out very soon

I have an addy for Phil bradley as well. wish me luck