View Full Version : comic con isn't just about comics anymore

02-12-2009, 04:38 AM
Byline: Steve Feldman

MANHATTAN, NY - New York City in February, some say it is cold (but I like the cold so I never say it's cold). It is gray, the trees are bare (yes New York City has trees), and the first weekend it is time for the "BAT SIGNAL" as the NY Comic Con is in town. For one weekend a year comic book publishers, artists, video game manufacturers, and cos-gamers take over the Javits Center down by the Hudson River near where Capt. Sully landed his jet several weeks ago.

As is the case with a lot of these shows from the media aspect there are a lot of people to see, events to attend, and products to review, and when it is one person it makes it that much harder so not every company that was at the ComicCon will be here, instead this is a taste of some upcoming releases that you can look out for.

They were the first company I met with and with Titles like “Yu-Gi-Oh” most card gamers know them. There booth was busy all weekend as they had King of the Hill tournaments in both Yu-Gi-Oh and there new product “Blue Dragon” (look for a review on Card Corner in the near future).

One of the biggest lines at the ComicCon was for the “Duel Terminal” that Konami had made its second appearance in the United States. At times on Saturday you couldn’t find a seat at the gaming tables they had set up or the Duel Terminal.