View Full Version : Autographed Football of The First Superbowl Winners! (Whole Team-Packers)

02-21-2009, 07:19 PM
my uncle is currently looking to sell a football that is signed by the 1st superbowl winning green bay packers. this football is signed by the whole team including vince lombardi. he obtained this ball from his cousin (
Ronald Kostelnik was on the team. He has recently asked me to look around and see if i could find a buyer as he really has no use for the ball. The signatures are slightly fading but nothing serious. The ball is not authenticated but i can personally guarantee its authenticity and anyone who looks at it can tell it is authentic. he has been offered $2500 for it but truthfully i think it could be worth more. please let me know how you would go about selling an item of this value and if you are interested in purchasing the ball contact me and we will talk out the details and i can provide pics and info so we can get an informed deal done! thanks